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Aglaonema BJ Freedman XXL
BJ Freedman XXL

Aglaonema BJ Freedman XXL

Type: Aglaonema
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The Aglaonema is a strong air-purifying foliage plant with a beautiful drawing of the leaf. A fantastically beautiful plant that can stand in a shady place in the home or office.
Height (incl. pot) ± 70 cm
Pot size 40 cm


Origin and care

The origin of the Aglaonema is Southeast Asia and belongs to the Arum family. The plant is found in the subtropical rainforests under the dense foliage. The plant grows slowly and the shelf life of this plant is very good and the plant also works to purify the air.

Watering and maintenance

The Aglaonema requires little maintenance. Make sure that the roots do not remain in the water. Keep the soil slightly moist during the summer and in the winter the plant may dry up between the waterings, in this way the plant stays at its best. To check the soil, it is wise to occasionally put your finger in the ground to feel if the plant is too wet or too dry. Do this more often in the beginning until you get a feeling in the rhythm and the amount of water the plant needs.

If you spray the plant once in a while, this reduces the risk of spider mite.

To keep the plant dust-free it is wise to put the plant in the shower once a quarter. Cover the soil so that it does not get wet and rinse the leaves both below and above. This also prevents pests.


The aglaonema is used to growing in dark conditions. The agalonema is therefore ideally suited for a shady place. Of course this plant also needs limited light, an hour or two three morning / evening light per day is sufficient.

The best temperature for the aglaonema is 20 ° during the day and 15 ° at night.

The aglaonema is an ideal plant for landscapers because it thrives well in dark areas.

Height (incl. pot):± 70 cm
Pot size ⌀:40 cm
Article number:AGFR40TF
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