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Allium Allium bulbs 'Caeruleum'  set of 80
Allium bulbs 'Caeruleum' set of 80

Allium bulbs 'Caeruleum' set of 80

Type: Allium
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The flower bulbs have a circumference of approximately 4/5 cm on delivery.

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Product Information
Allium Caeruleum, also known as the Blue Ornamental Onion, is a beautiful flower bulb with a striking blue color. The flowers of Allium Caeruleum form compact spherical clusters atop long, sturdy stems. The blue flowers are a striking addition to gardens, borders and flower beds. The color and shape of this allium variety make it an excellent choice to add visual interest and height to landscapes. Allium Caeruleum is loved by gardeners for its appeal to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. It is a hardy plant that returns year after year with its beautiful flowers.
Planting Instructions
Allium Caeruleum thrives best in well-drained soil in a sunny to semi-shaded location. Dig a planting hole about twice as deep as the height of the bulb and place the bulb with the tip up. Cover the bulb with soil and press firmly. Make sure the soil is well moist after planting and water as needed during dry periods. This variety of allium generally requires little care. Remove spent flower stems to focus the plant's energy on new growth.
With its striking blue flowers and appeal to pollinators, Allium Caeruleum is a wonderful addition to gardens and landscapes. By following proper planting instructions and care, you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of this allium variety and help promote the ecosystem in your area.
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