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Anthurium Jenmanii 'Lovely Green'

The Anthurium Jenmanii 'Lovely Green' is a strong, extremely strong foliage plant, ideal for offices. A fantastically beautiful plant that can simply stand in a shady place.
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± 60 cm
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15 cm

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Anthurium Jenmanii 'Lovely Green'

The Anthurium is a popular guest and not only at your home. The Anthurium Jungle King is a very strong plant that can easily stand in the (half) shade and is therefore ideal for people who are sometimes away from home. Also ideal for offices.


The origin of the anthurium is tropical South America and belongs to the arum family (Araceae). The anthurium comes from a tropical plant family of over 600 members, including the famous flamingo plant with its colored flower sheath. Since it is a tropical plant, it makes sense that they can thrive indoors.


Anthurium is an easy plant and can withstand a little less light.

  • Water the plant once a week
  • The houseplant also feels at home in a shady spot
  • The anthurium does not like full sun
  • Give plant food once every six weeks

Man is in balance with plants. Nature around you contributes to your well-being. Anthurium is a lush green plant, with an impressive color accent. The Anthurium is originally from the jungle. Because the temperature in your house is pleasant, the Anthurium thrives well indoors. Plants are more than just beautiful. Plants provide oxygen, purify the air and take the stress out of your body. Plants are good against dry air, make your house smooth and your heart happy. Anthurium provides a boost in your life

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