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Dypsis Areca Golden Palm - set of 4
Areca Golden Palm - set of 4

Areca Golden Palm - set of 4

Type: Dypsis
You have got counting... hours
Enjoy the beauty of the Areca Golden Palm - set of 4 in your living room! This quality plant gives atmosphere and cozyness to your house!
Height (incl. pot) ± 60 cm
Pot size 17 cm

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Product Information
The famous and very popular Areca palm, also known as the Gold Palm, is native to the humid tropics of Madagascar. Areca palms can grow up to 12 meters tall outdoors in the rainforests. Indoors, however, the plant remains much smaller, usually growing no taller than 2 meters. Number one on the list of best air-purifying plants, the Areca purifies the environment in which it is placed by removing dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. This also makes the Areca very popular in offices. Apart from its useful properties, the Areca also simply looks beautiful with its narrow, glossy leaves.
The Areca is not a difficult plant to care for. The plant prefers a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. Water preferably twice a week, in winter once a week is sufficient. The root ball should always be slightly moist. For a healthy plant, it is recommended to add some plant food to the watering water once a month. Since the Areca originally grows in a climate with high humidity, spraying water on the leaves regularly is recommended. Brown old leaves can be cut off.
Plant height
When delivered, the plants have a height of 60 to 70cm (measured incl. pot). The plants are delivered in pots with a diameter/diameter of 17cm.
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