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Varen Asplenium Parvati

The Asplenium Parvati is a beautiful plant that originally comes from South Asia and Australia. The plant likes shade and a lot of water, otherwise it requires little care. Ideal as a houseplant.
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Asplenium Parvati


The Asplenium Parvati, also called strip fern, comes from the southern islands of Asia and Australia. The Asplenium Parvati comes from the Aspleniaceae family or in Dutch the stripe fern family.


Like all ferns, the Asplenium Parvati needs a lot of water, make sure that the potting soil is always slightly moist, but do not water too much at once, otherwise the roots will rot.


If you keep the Asplenium Parvati indoors, it is best to spray it regularly as it likes high humidity. If you keep it in the bathroom or outside, this is not necessary because the humidity is already high here.


The Asplenium Parvati does not do well in full sun, it prefers to be in the shade or partial shade. A place a little further away from the window he will do well.

Minimum temperature

30 ° C during the day

At night 15 ° C


In the spring and summer, administer the Asplenium Parvati once a month to once every two months. This is best with Pokon.


You can repot the Asplenium Parvati immediately upon receipt in a pot that is slightly larger than the current nursery pot. Then you can repot the plant when the pot starts to get too small. When repotting, always try to watch out for the roots and repot the plant in a pot that is 20% larger than the current one.

Leaf damage

If the leaves of the Asplenium Parvati turn yellow, this is a sign of too much light, move the plant to a place with more shade. Just make sure he still gets light here.


The Asplenium Parvati does not need to be pruned. If there are unsightly leaves on the plant, these can be cut to keep its appearance.


The Asplenium Parvati is slightly poisonous, so keep it out of reach of children and pets and be careful with removing leaves and repotting the plant.


The Asplenium Parvati will not easily attract diseases or pests. Should it happen that something is wrong with the plant, it is best to combat it immediately.

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