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Persea americana Avocado plant

The Avocado is perhaps the most popular tropical fruit at the moment and is now also available as a plant. These plants are sold per set of three, the price is per piece. Ideal as a gift! Caution: toxic to pets!
Persea americana
Persea americana
Height (incl. pot):
± 20 cm
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11 cm

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The avocado plant is originally from South and Central America. The avocado tree can grow up to 20 meters high in the wild and its fruits are also called eggnog pear. The avocado plant is of course known for its fruits: avocados, these healthy fruits are very popular and growing your own plant is a nice idea.


Avocado plants like a weekly sip of water, but do not overwater the plants at once. The plants are originally from South and Central America, where the plants are also used to somewhat drier times. Make sure the plant is in a pot with holes so that the water can drain away again so that the roots do not rot. When the leaves of the avocado plant hang, the plant receives too much or too little water.


The avocado plant does not need to be sprayed for care. It is useful to spray the plant now and then so that the dust from the leaves is removed, the plant will appreciate this.


The avocado plant likes to be in a place where it is warm and where it gets a lot of light, make sure that it is not in direct sunlight, especially the afternoon sun will not do the plant any good. When the plant gets too much sunlight, the leaves will burn, the leaves will curl up and turn black. So make sure that the plant is in a nice warm place with a lot of light and the plant will then feel at ease.

Minimum temperature

During the day 23 ° C

At night 15 ° C


The avocado plant, like all other plants, can use some nutrition every now and then. Use food that is also given to citrus or olive trees. Administer this nutrition once a month or once every 2 months, you can do this by mixing the nutrition with the water you give the plant.


You can repot the avocado plant once every 2 years if the plant becomes too large for the current pot. Try to do this in the spring, when the plant will have the least trouble from repotting. When repotting the plant, repot it in a pot that is about 20% larger, using fresh potting soil.

Leaf damage

The leaves of the avocado can be damaged in several ways: When the plant receives too much or too little water, the leaves will droop, when the plant is too cold it will drop its leaves, when the plant receives too much direct sunlight. the leaves will burn.


The avocado plant can be pruned when it gets too big or when it doesn't look very nice. Use pruning shears or knife for this. Just make sure not to prune too many leaves / branches at once.


The avocado plant is not poisonous to humans, but this is the case for almost all (pets) animals. This is due to the substance persine, many animals cannot cope with this and the plant is unfortunately full of it.

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