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Musa Basjoo Banana tree 'Musa Basjoo' - set of 3
Banana tree 'Musa Basjoo' - set of 3

Banana tree 'Musa Basjoo' - set of 3

Type: Musa Basjoo
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Musa Basjoo, also known as the hardy garden banana, originates from Southern China. It is the hardiest banana plant there is. Musa Basjoo is a great garden banana, which can be planted in full soil, but can also be kept in a tub or on the terrace.
Height (incl. pot) ± 25 cm
Pot size 9 cm

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Product Information
Musa Basjoo, also called hardy garden banana, is native to southern China. It is the most hardy banana plant in existence. The plant is hardy, but in severe frosts it will die down to the stem or even to the ground. Fortunately, the plant grows back rapidly in the spring.
The Musa Basjoo is a great garden banana for outdoors but can also be kept in a tub or on the patio. After only 3 years, the tree can flower and produce fruit. The garden banana can reach heights of about 250cm in ideal conditions.
The plant grows best in a sunny position in a nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. The Musa Basjoo requires a lot of water during the summer months from April to September. The more water the plant receives the faster it grows. This can be as much as 180cm per year under the right conditions! In winter the top of the plant dies off without protection, in spring it comes back and starts its growth spurt again. If the plants are in a pot they can also be brought inside in winter and grow all winter long. Pruning Musa Basjoo is not necessary but may always be done.
Plant height
On delivery, the plants have a height of 25 to 40cm (measured incl. pot). The plants are delivered in pots with a diameter / diameter of 9cm.
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