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Begonia Luxurians

Begonia Luxurians

Type: Begonia
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The Begonia creates an exotic atmosphere in your home. With its long finger-like leaves it looks a bit like a palm, for this reason it is also called the Palm Leaf Begonia.
Height (incl. pot) ± 35 cm
Pot size 13 cm

Begonia Luxurians


The Begonia Luxurians is originally from Brazil. In the jungle, this plant can grow up to 4 meters high and also very wide. The long finger-like leaves give it the name Palm Leaf Begonia.


Indoors, the Begonia Luxurians only needs water once a week. If the plant is outside in the summer, it can receive a little more water.


It is best to spray the Begonia Luxurians with water once a month. This removes dust from the leaves and keeps it beautiful.


The Begonia Luxurians likes to be in a place where it has some sun and some shade. A place behind a window will therefore be ideal, but make sure that this is not afternoon sun in the summer, then it will burn. In summer, the Begonia Luxurians can also be placed outside, as long as it is warmer than 10 degrees at night.

Minimum temperature

Daytime 12 ° C

At night 10 ° C


It is best to feed the Begonia Luxurians once a month. Do this by adding Pokon flowering or green plant food to the water.


It is best to repot the Begonia Luxurians immediately after purchase, as this will cause the plant the least disruption. The Begonia Luxurians can be repotted every 2 years. Do this in a pot that is about 20% larger than the current pot.


The Begonia Luxurians does not necessarily have to be pruned, this is of course allowed if the plant starts to grow too large. In addition, it is also best to remove dry leaves and flowers so that the plant puts its energy into the healthy leaves.


The sap of the Begonia Luxurians is poisonous. So make sure that small children and animals do not come into contact with the plant.


The Begonia Luxurians is sensitive to mildew, if you encounter this on the plant it is best to combat it immediately.

Height (incl. pot):± 35 cm
Pot size ⌀:13 cm
Article number:ABEG13
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