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Kokodama Begonia - Maculata - dot plant

This separate dot begonia does not look like its kind at all. In addition to the many dots that adorn the leaf, the underside of the leaf is red. The begonia also gives beautiful red or white flowers in the spring.
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± 30 cm
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17 cm

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Begonia-dots plant -Maculata


This Begonia Maculata - dot plant originates from Brazil. It is a trendy and very popular plant that is also easy to care for. This separate dot begonia does not look like its kind at all. In addition to the many dots that adorn the leaf, the underside of the leaf is red. The begonia also gives beautiful red or white flowers in the spring.


The dot plant would like to have a small amount of water. Twice in the summer and once a week in the winter. Keep the plant slightly moist but do not let it get too dry. Check this by occasionally putting a finger in the ground. Preferably no wet feet (root rot).


The begonia maculata likes to stand in a light spot to partial shade, rather no direct sunlight. If your choice for a pitch in your house is the difference between the sun and the shade, the spot begonia would prefer to be in the shade.


To give the plant room to grow, you can repot it over time so that the plant can make new cuttings. You can do this by ordering a larger Kokodama hanging pot or taking a ceramic pot that is at least 25% larger.


The begonia plant does not need much nutrition, once a month is enough.


See multiply


The cuttings of your Begonia Maculata are fun to try. If the plant grows too long or grows out of its joints, cut the top of the plant with a sharp knife. Make sure that a stem of a few cm is applied. Put this stalk in a glass of clean water, possibly in between and refresh the water and put it in a bright spot but not in the sun. After a week or six you will see that roots grow on the stem. After this you can put the plant in a pot with soil.

Cutting off the top of your older begonia is actually fine. The dots begonia will branch nicely again.

Kokodama, 100% natural.

The Kokodama is a handmade sphere made from natural coconut fibers. The inspiration for this concept lies in the Japanese bonsai technique for processing plants in moss bulbs. With its natural look and materials, the Kokodama is a counterpart to the usual plastic hanging pot.

Create your own piece of nature by varying with different sizes and plants. The Kokodama is very trendy and easy to combine in any interior.

Home and garden

With the use of both indoor and garden plants, Kokodama can be placed or hung in the house or on a terrace, balcony or patio.

Kokodama Home is available in the collections: Jungle, Desert, Flower and Orchid, each with its own atmosphere and type of plant.

Kokodama Garden is offered with various garden and bedding plants.

Kokodama string and Kokodama authentic Kokodama is released in two versions:

  • Kokodama string, to hang
  • Kokodama authentic, to put down


Nice plant, but it did not arrive in a great condition. Packed and shipped on a Wednesday morning and delivered on the following Monday afternoon. It was heavily wrapped, but perhaps too tightly. No protection for the foliage, which seemed a bit crushed by the packaging or the other plants in the package. It looked very sad on unpacking and still looks so several days later. Multiple leaves torn, others cracked from folding. Not convinced it will survive, but fingers crossed!


    Très surpris de la qualité de l'emballage,reviendrai vers vous pour une proche commande ,vraiment très bien ,prix très raisonnable ,elle me font déjà de jolie pousse .
    Je recommande ce site sans aucun problème .

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