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Orchideeën Large flowered cattleya
Large flowered cattleya

Orchideeën Large flowered cattleya

Type: Orchideeën
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The Cattleya orchids has all the most varied appearance and stands out for its spectacular colors. The flowering period is two to three weeks.
Height (incl. pot) ± 35 cm
Pot size 12 cm


The Cattleya is native to Central and South America. The English collector William Cattleya orchids Cattleya helped to his name. For some South American countries (including Colombia), the Cattleya is the national symbol. They are epiphytes; in nature they grow on trees.

Orchid is available year-round at the better florists and garden centers. The peak is in spring and autumn.

Appearance of Orchid

The Cattleya orchids has all the most varied appearance. There are large and small-flowered Cattleyas. The small-flowered species have more flowers per stem than the large flowered. The Cattleya is characterized by the spectacular colors. The Cattleya is often fragrant, especially if they are in daylight.

All Cattleya have pretty hard blade. This indicates that they are getting quite a lot of light and sun in their natural habitat. So the Cattleya also here needs a lot of light but not direct sunlight. The Cattleya can stand outside in the summer, with half light and half shade. The ideal temperature for the Cattleya is 18 to 22˚C. The heyday of the Cattleya is two to three weeks.

Cattleya Orchid Care

The Cattleya like a light, but do not store in direct sunlight.

In winter once a week watering is sufficient. In the summer it may, depending on the location, more often. Lukewarm water is best for Cattleya. Dip the Cattleya until no more bubbles emerge and then let it drain for reset.

Give the Cattleya orchid food once a month. Cattleya manure in the winter a total of two times at.

The ideal temperature is between 15 ° C and 25 ° C.

Treat the Cattleya after flowering in the same manner as during flowering. If the flower is in full bloom, the flower dries itself and he falls off. It is not necessary to cut off the branch.

After flowering displays a new shoot growth at the bottom of the spent bulb (mature shoot). From the sheath, at the base of the sheet, creating a new flower stem. The sheath care protection in the infant stage. If the young shoot is grown, will flourish again. This whole process takes six to nine months.

Put the Cattleya every two years in a larger pot. Use fine bark (Orchids Ground). It is important to keep the Cattleya growing considerably, because only indicate the new shoots flowers.

Caution with sunlight: These plants should not be in the full and direct sun, because the risk of burning. A bright spot where the sun radiates directly is good. A window on the north or a shield from the sun would be fine.

Dipping 1x per week: A pot with the pot in a bowl of water indicates that prevents this plant to be immersed for a short time (10 minutes) with the root ball in the water. After dipping has to drain the water.

Nutrition 1x per month: This plant has a moderate nutritional needs. provide a once a month with food in accordance with the concentration which is recommended on the product, is sufficient.

Not suitable for consumption: These plants are not suitable for consumption by humans and animals.
Source: Orchids information

The Cattleya is renowned for its spectacular colors.

Height (incl. pot):± 35 cm
Pot size ⌀:12 cm
Article number:FP165-170.02
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Date: 29/11/2019

envoi rapide; orchidées prêtes à fleurir et emballage parfait. Je suis très satisfaite.
à recommander également pour le rapport qualité prix.

By: Anonymous
Date: 16/01/2017

Fast delivery and high quality plants - website well taken care of and informative. Fast response for any queries.
Price, quality of the plant, customer service, fast delivery

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