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Orchideeën Miltonia 3 branch +
Miltonia 3 branch +

Orchideeën Miltonia 3 branch +

Type: Orchideeën
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Miltonia is also called 'violin orchid'. There are hundreds of species, which vary greatly in shape and size. We limit ourselves to the pink. red and white variant.
Height (incl. pot) ± 55 cm
Pot size 12 cm


The origin of Miltonia stretches from the Andes in Colombia to Peru and Ecuador. Miltonia is an epiphyte. The Miltonia grows in the region of origin on the edges and in open areas of mountain forests, on moss-covered branches.

Miltonia is also called 'violin orchid'. There are hundreds of species, which vary greatly in shape and size. The Miltonia ia year round available.

Appearance of the Miltonia

The Miltonia is a shoot-forming crop, with one or more branches and about five flowers on each branch. The Miltonia has one to four (or even more) branches. Miltonia can be seen in many colors: white, yellow, pink, red and purple. The most striking feature is the 'mask'. There are different scented types of Miltonia.

Care Miltonia orchid

The Miltonia needs a light location, but does not tolerate direct sunlight. In the spring and summer the Miltonia must be shielded from the sun. The Miltonia blooms for five to six weeks.

It is important to keep the Miltonia constantly moderately moist, the substrate should not be allowed to stand dry. Dipping in lukewarm water once or twice a week gives the best result. Let the Miltonia orchid drain well before it is put back.

Feed the water once a month in the summer period and once every two months in the winter. The Miltonia can also be put in the garden or on the balcony in summer, provided it is in the shade.

The ideal temperature is between 15 ° C and 25 ° C.

When the Miltonia has finished, cut the branch.

Place the Miltonia in a bright spot after flowering, but not in direct sunlight. Provide nutrition once a month. The same applies to water and temperature as during flowering. Then place the Miltonia in a cooler place for eight to ten weeks. The Miltonia then makes new shoots from which later new flower stalks come. The Miltonia wants to be potted every year, preferably after flowering. Use special Orchid soil for this.

It may take a year before the Miltonia blooms again. The natural flowering period is spring. The new shoots will form bulbs, from which new flower branches emerge.

Watch out with full sun: These plants should not be in the direct and direct sun, because the risk of burning exists. A light spot where the sun does not directly emit is good. A window on the north or a shielding from the sun would be fine.
Dipping 1x per week: A pot plant with the pot in a container with water indicates that this plant likes to be dipped into the water for a short time (10 minutes) with the root ball. After watering, the water must drain.
Nutrition 1x per month: This plant has a moderate nutritional need. Taking food once a month with due regard for the concentration recommended on the product is sufficient.
Minimum 15 ° C, maximum 25 ° C: This plant feels at home in most living rooms.
Pruning, cutting after flowering: The symbol is a pot plant with a pruning shear that cuts the flower. Phalaenopsis (and also some other plants) can blossom several times with this way of caring.
Not suitable for consumption: These plants are not suitable for consumption by humans and animals.

Source: Orchids info

Height (incl. pot):± 55 cm
Pot size ⌀:12 cm
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Date: 15/01/2019

Klant- en plant vriendelijk!<
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Snelle en puike levering!

By: Tyra
Date: 09/01/2019

Einfach kompetent, lieferten kräftige, blűhstarke bzw. wunderschöne blűhende Pflanzen.... Klasse!

By: Tyra
Date: 06/01/2019

Wunderschöne, kräftige, sehr gut verpackte Pflanzen....
Weiter so, nur zu empfehlen

By: Helen
Date: 26/09/2018

Duidelijke site en een op tijd aflevering.

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