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Orchideeën Oncidium Munsterland Stern XL
Oncidium Munsterland Stern XL

Orchideeën Oncidium Munsterland Stern XL

Type: Orchideeën
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The Oncidium is nicknamed "Tiger Orchid" and owes its name to the beautiful tiger print on the flowers. The Oncidium is yellow in color that "when the many buds are all open once" is thriving.
Height (incl. pot) ± 70 cm
Pot size 17 cm



The original origin of the Oncidium is from North and South America: This area runs from Florida and Mexico to Peru and Argentina.

The nickname of the Oncidium Orchid is Tiger Orchid. This name is due to the tiger print on the flower. There are many species with each their own tiger print. The length of the inflorescences varies from a few centimeters to more than a meter. Special features of the flowers are the multiform fleshy callus on the lip and the so-called "ears" on the pillar.

The beauty of the oncidium is that there are many buds on a branch. When the orchid is at its ripest, it is a sun in the house.



The Oncidium likes to be in a light place but prefers no direct sunlight.

The Oncidium feels nice at a temperature between 18 and 25 °

Watering once a week is usually enough, the orchid is not happy with its roots in the water.

For a longer lifespan regular spraying of leaves and roots is recommended. If the humidity is low, you can spray the smallest flower buds daily to prevent dehydration.

Every 14 days Orchids manure according to the indicated quantity on the packaging. In the winter, do not give food from November to January.


Once every three years and use orchid soil for this. Do this in the spring and when the orchid has finished.

After flowering

When the flower stalk has finished, you can cut out the branch at the very bottom. From a new shoot the Oncidium gives a flower branch again, this takes 8 to 12 months.

Height (incl. pot):± 70 cm
Pot size ⌀:17 cm
Article number:FP165-056.00
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By: Michael Schad
Date: 19/03/2020

Die Orchidee war ein Geschenk für meine Mutter zur Erweiterung ihrer Sammlung. Mit einfachen Worten "Sie ist begeistert". Die Orchidee kam zügig und heil mit sehr vielen Knospen an. Aktuell steht sie in Blüte und ist ein Hingucker.

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