How can you best take care of a flowering orchid?

  • Place the orchid in a sunny place, but not in direct sunlight. Put the orchid in a room temperature.

  • Keep the orchid moist. Therefore, water the plant at least once a week in summer and winter. Make sure that the roots of the plant do not remain in the water. Therefore, preferably remove the residual water from the pot after watering.

  • From April to October you can give the plant some plant food once every 2 weeks, in order to achieve optimal growth and flowering.


What can you do if the plant has finished flowering?

  • When the plant has finished flowering, you can cut off the branch with faded flowers. Do this just above the earth.

  • With good treatment, the plant will make new shoots, from which new branches come. This treatment is the same as with a flowering orchid.

  • It varies per species when flowers are returned to the plant. For example, a Zygopetalum can bloom 3 times a year. An Oncidium will bloom again after 9-12 months.
A zygopetalum will take you home to be surprised several times when the orchid starts to bloom again.