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Paphiopedilum Black Jack 1 branch pot -

The Paphiopedilum is also popularly called Venus shoe. The beautiful shoe-shaped lip serves as an insect trap. The plants are delivered in a bud. (3 days before flowering)
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Paphiopedilum Black Jack

Origin and care

The botanical species of the Paphiopedilum (venus shoe) are found in the jungles of the Far East and Indonesia. They grow primarily in the humus layer of the forest and sometimes on stones. They are rarely found in trees.

Paphiopedilums are sometimes called venus shoes (in English ladyslipper or slipper orchid, and in German Frauenschuh). Approximately sixty to eighty species belong to this genus.

The shoe-shaped lip serves as an insect trap; flying insects are lured by fragrances and the promise of nectar in the flower. They can only go out through a narrow opening, passing the pestle and the stamens and getting the pollen on their bodies. The pollen then lands on the pestle of the next flower


American hybrids are available from October to March. Multiflowers are available all year round. These special orchids are available at the better assorted florists and garden centers. The American hybrids have a large flower. The multiflowers have small flowers, often two to four flowers per stem. The Paphiopedilum grows in leaf shoots. The flowers come from the middle of the shoot. American hybrids come from yellow to red, often with a drawing in the back flag (septaal). The multiflowers are yellow to brown / red. Paphiopedilum is always propagated through seed, giving each plant unique characteristics.


Paphiopedilums (cervical shoe) are shadow orchids. Never put them in the full afternoon sun. Too much sun gives light or burnt leaves. The daytime temperature of the mottled leaves must be between 20 and 24 ° C. For green-leafed plants, the temperature during the day must be between 17 and 22 ° C. Paphiopedilum blooms for six to ten weeks.

The Paphiopedilum (venus shoe) loves an airy pot mix. Water once a week, slightly more in the summer. Make sure that no water remains in the pot underneath. Dipping with rain water for approximately ten minutes is preferred.

The orchids require very little fertilizer. Give orchid food once every two or three weeks, but use only half the amount indicated on the bottle. This orchid is easy to grow in the living room. Do not place the Paphiopedilum in full sun. Cold nights (12 to 15 ° C) in the spring promote the construction of flower buds.

Each stem only flowers once and then dies. Cut the old stem as deep as possible. The Paphiopedilum flowers on a new shoot after about nine months. When transplanting, make sure that the foot of the Paphiopedilum is under the potting material, otherwise root growth will stop. If the Paphiopedilum becomes too large, it can easily be divided into pieces of two or three plants. The Paphiopedilum does not like to be in a pot that is too large. Repotting in orchid soil once every three to four years is sufficient.

Because a somewhat lower night temperature stimulates bud formation, most orchids flower in the middle of winter. Paphiopedilum (venus shoe) is a slow growing crop, it takes about three years for the Paphiopedilum to grow old enough. With sufficient new shoot (leaf) growth, it can flower every year thereafter.

The more shoots the venus shoe makes, the greater the chance that the venus shoe will flower with more flowers.

The Paphiopedilum is also popularly called Venus shoe

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