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35 cm 20 cm

Bonsai Zelkova 20cm

You can choose from the straight or S shape in this beautiful Bonsai Zelkova. Find a nice spot in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. For detailed information on origin and care you can purchase Bonsai booklet. Only blue pot!
Height (incl. pot):
± 35 cm
Pot ⌀:
20 cm

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Bonsai is an art form.

Literally translated means Bonsai: tree in pot. Bon stands for plant and 'sai' can be translated as bowl or pot. Bonsai is grown in Asia and evokes the image of an old tree.

A bonsai ist tries with live plant material to create a reduced image of an old tree or landscape in nature. Compare it to a painter or a sculptor, the one trying to paint an impression of catching a landscape, the other does this for example with a piece of wood, the whole is a living work of art.

History of Bonsai.

Even before the beginning of our era Chinese monks saw the beauty of nature remained small trees here and knew too large forces to it. If they image carrier of the mountainous surroundings, the trees took it home and they grew further in pots. Later also used other species, thus creating a culture and culture that shape one Bonsai is going to call. In China Bonsai until today named a widespread hobby and Penjing.

Both in Japan and in Korea there is a long history on Bonsai. From China Penjing introduced in these countries and exalted with their own perception to bonsai with many new techniques have been developed.

Europe Bonsai was only introduced in the 20th century. This was done through shows and always as an entry of China or Japan. Bonsai as a hobby about 50 years in Europe. Just come for a year or 20, bonsai and horticultural product emerging and now not indispensable.




Your Bonsai is grown in southern China and is accustomed to an annual temperature between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore it is ideal to get indoors. If the outside temperature is above 12 degrees Celsius, you can Bonsai very good estates. Bonsai need light to grow well. Place your Bonsai therefore in a bright place, possibly with some direct sunlight. do not allow your tree all day standing in the direct sun.


Your Bonsai is a living tree. All trees need moisture to survive and grow. Too little water will dry out and if it persists too long to dry out the sap of the leaves. Too much water will cause the roots in the scale start to rot and weakens the tree. Submit Bonsai water when the soil begins to dry up and wait has included the water with the next watering the tree (at normal pitch is that approximately every two days). Always make sure that the root ball well volzuigt, excess water runs through the bottom of the pot again.


Every Bonsai needs certain substances in order to maintain its systems. It is best to use solid or liquid Bonsai Food that you can obtain from us. Solid food press into the earth and dissolves with the watering. Best known as solid food is Biogold, take the largest size of the pot in cm, this is the maximum dose of the number of grains which is pressed into the earth. Liquid diet you mix with the irrigation water. Handle the dose as indicated on the package. You can also use normal plant fertilizer, hold it or to adjust note the dose to 60%. Your Bonsai is growing throughout the year and therefore needs all year round feeding.


Thanks to the good breeding this Bonsai in perfect balance. The amount of roots and foliage relate excellent and also the scale is chosen with care. After a few years (we recommend around three years) healthy growth will pinch the roots in the pot Bonsai should be repotted. This gives you the opportunity to prune the roots so that the root ball remains young and vital. Repotting is best in spring. Remove the tree from its pot and comb gently loosen the roots. Then you can prune 30% of the roots. For a good rejuvenation thicker roots away. After this Bonsai can back into his shell. Do some good loose soil, possibly mixed with some sharp sand, bottom of the pot and place the tree on it. You can then fill the bowl with the same new soil mixture.


Akadama is a clay granulate and particularly suitable for bonsai. This soil provides good moisture in the pot, has a neutral pH and does not contain too many nutrients. The earth can be 100% or mixed with potting soil are applied to 50%. Kiryu is a rock that gives extra good drainage in the bonsai pot. It is particularly suitable for mixing with Akadama for Bonsai species that keep feet dry as Pinus, Picea and Juniperus. The maximum ratio is 50 Kiryu.

Pests and diseases

A healthy Bonsai has little to no problems with pests and diseases. There could possibly louse or spins come in. Luis can be identified by the adhesive-like drops and spins gives the blade a slightly speckled pale color. To prevent aphids and spider mites, you should ensure that your bonsai is in a well-ventilated place. This also prevents any contamination by fungi such as mildew. In any garden center you can buy to combat above adequate resources.


Each tree has a natural tendency to grow at the ends and repel the oldest leaves or needles inside. For a beautiful, finely branched Bonsai you must break this trend. This can easily be cut by the end growth. Bonsai that you have purchased has the proper shape and size and therefore only needs to be maintained. All the shoots that come out, you can remove the silhouette of the tree. Also all shoots on the branches may be pruned to grow downwards or upwards. To keep the bonsai healthy and in good model. All the necessary tools you will find on our site.


Young branches grow naturally upwards and only bend in the course of the time. The of your bonsai branches are bent down so as to give the impression of an old tree again. You can shape your Bonsai or further adjusted by means of wire. If you are the branches is at 45 degrees wrapped with wire of the appropriate thickness that they can be bent in any desired shape. After some time the branch will continue to thicken and pinching the wire. This is the appropriate time in order to remove the wire again






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        Very happy with my new tree wonderful packaging and fast shipping Thanks


          Jullie hebben een goede ervaring bij mij achtergelaten. Jammer genoeg was postNL wel weer telaat maar daar konden jullie niks aan doen daarom heb ik het pakketje ook niet afgezegd.
          Wel zou het fijn zijn als jullie op de site ergens info achterlaten hoelang een plant zonder licht kan( of hoeveel dagen aanbevolen is het in de doos te laten zitten)


            Très bonne expérience
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              de levering was super de planten waren verzorgd ingepakt en waren goed
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                Heel veel informatie op de website. Tips ivm verzorging bij zending.
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