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The name of the Aspidistra is derived from the Greek word for shield, star, asp and astronauts. The plant is native to Asia, the eastern part of the Himalayas, China, Japan and Taiwan. The Spidistra is a strong plant that stays green all year round. The Dutch name is Kwartje Plant. The plant forms rhizomes.
The leaves are wortelstandig and come directly from the rhizomes, they have a dark green color and are fairly long stalks.


The aspedistra can be in partial shade and in full shade. Try to avoid direct sunlight. In spring and summer can also Aspedistra out.


The Aspedistra should be kept moderately moist. Do not allow the plant to face with her feet in the water. During Herft and winter you can halve watering. Although the leaf surface is reasonably large evaporates little because it is leathery. This allows the plant can also get dry air rage. In spring and summer the plant fertilize once a month. The aspidistra will grown as a pot plant and can chill t / m -5 ° C conventions.

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