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The Camellia japonica is an evergreen shrub that blooms early in the spring. The camellia with its rose-like flowers blooming through long and spread a wonderful scent during flowering.

Camellia is hardy but frost is the only shelter still recommended. Cover Camellia with breathable material.
It can prevent the Camellia (by frost) loses its leaves. Do not panic, the plant will recover again in the course of the year.

Camellia does not like to be in full sun. A place in the penumbra is the most ideal.
Give the plant plenty of water and if placed in nutrient-rich soil Camellia can grow up to 300 cm.
you tend to spoil him because the Camellia has a tropical appearance. Do not do because the buttons must remain cool to open. So rather no early morning sun. If the buds warm up too quickly they can lose weight after a frost.

The Camellia is a slow grower, about 15 to 20 cm per year. If the plant has finished, you can prune the plant. Limit this to some excellent branches, leaving the plant in peace.
Keep in summer the soil moist and fertilize the plant in mid-summer with potassium-rich fertilizer. After fertilizer right the spraying rain or softened water.

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