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Hibiscus is a genus of about 200 to 220 species of flowering plants in the family Malvaceae, which occurs naturally inmediterrane, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world.


Do not be afraid that you can enjoy once Hibiscus Flowers. With a light spot, twice a week a little water and regular plant food, Hibiscus will infinitely grateful and reward you with beautiful blooms in many buttons.


When you think of Hawaii, looks white beaches, clear blue water and dancing Aloha girls with grass skirts and a tropical flower in her hair. That flower, the Hibiscus brings the same stunning summery feel right at you in the living room. Hibiscus flowers may be called exuberant with law. Large, striking and trumpet shaped, white, pink and red to purple, yellow or bicolor.


The mysterious Hibiscus is not for sale by its beauty; its flowers bloom only a few days. But anyone who knows the Hibiscus will agree that this is more than worth it. Not for nothing is this plant a symbol of exceptional beauty, joy, affection, love and happiness. Hibiscus provides you with all the fun, as long as you also open up to him and gives him enough attention.


De Kuip Plant is not only to enjoy, it also ensures that you consider creative ideas, whether it's at work or at home while painting, cooking or redesigning your living room. TNO research showed that people are more creative in an area with plants. One plant is already sufficient to achieve a positive effect. So get inspired by the beauty of your Hibiscus and then surprise him with your creativity.

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