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Iresine Herbstii

Iresine Herbstii is a very nice Iresine that is almost impossible to obtain. Its intense red with dark green/black leaves make it a real eye-catcher.


The Iresine uses little water, but it is important that the soil remains continuously moist and does not dry out. With too much water (wet feet) root rot can occur.

The Iresine Herbstii is not demanding on its location. As long as it is not placed in direct sunlight. Iresine can be placed on the terrace as a houseplant or in summer as a garden plant. Iresine cannot tolerate temperatures below 15 degrees.

Iresine Herbstii can be fertilized every two weeks during the summer months with a light fertilizer. Fertilization is hardly necessary in autumn and winter. Growth then slows down and the plant consumes few nutrients.

The Iresine Herbstii" does not grow particularly fast, but as with all plants, it is wise to give the plant a larger pot every few years. This allows the roots to grow further and some fresh soil also provides the plant with extra nutrients. It is best to repot at the end of winter or the beginning of spring, so that the plant has enough time to strengthen for the new season.

The Iresine Herbstii is sensitive to too much water. If you get Iresine brown leaves, this is most likely because it is getting too much water. Yellowish leaves that droop are often a sign that the plant finds it a little too light in its current location. You can safely cut off brown leaves.