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The Pittosporum is a genus from the family Pittosporaceae. These are found in Australia, Oceania, East Asia and parts of Africa. It is a family of about 200 species, mainly trees and shrubs. In Dutch, the Pittosporum tobira is also called the Australian laurel. The Pittosporum has fragrant flowers that give off a sweet orange scent, which attracts many butterflies and bees.


You can water the Pittosporum once a week in spring and summer, but make sure that no water remains in the pot, otherwise the roots will rot. Water less often in winter, once every 10 to 14 days will be sufficient.


The Pittosporum is best sprayed with water twice a month. This helps against the dust that can form on the leaves, it also helps against aphids.


The Pittosporum likes to be in a spot in the semi-sun / sun, so make sure that the plant has a nice spot, but make sure that it is not in the sun all day. The Pittosporum tobira is hardy to -7 degrees, as a pot plant it is better to get it indoors in the winter. The Pittosporum tobira is quite capable of standing close to the coast.

Minimum temperature

During the day 6 ° C

At night 4 ° C


The Pittosporum Can receive nutrition once every 4 weeks in spring and summer.


It is best to repot the Pittosporum in a larger pot once every 2 years. It is best to repot the plant immediately upon purchase or in the spring. If you repot the plant, do this in a pot that is about 20% larger. Always apply fresh potting soil when repotting a plant.


A Pittosporum does not need to be pruned much as a container plant. If the plant grows too large or takes on an ugly shape, you can prune the plant back as you see fit. It is best to prune the plant at the beginning of spring.


The Pittosporum is slightly poisonous, so keep the plant out of the reach of children and pets.


The Pittosporum Is sensitive to aphids. You can avoid this by ensuring that the humidity is high. You can do this by spraying the plant. If you have aphids, it is best to combat them immediately.

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