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Bromelia Aechmea felice

A beautiful Bromeliad with a beautiful flower. This special plant comes in a nursery pot and will thrive in many homes.
Height (incl. pot):
± 55 cm
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15 cm
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Bromeliad is as charismatic and exuberant as its name. The kind of houseplant that involuntarily raises questions about how nature can produce such a strange boarder and provokes to feel for a moment whether it really isn't plastic.

Robust bloomer

That's not it: Bromeliad is a purely natural journey of discovery in which a stem grows from a rosette of ribbon-shaped leaves with red, pink, yellow or orange bracts with yellow-white flowers in between. The rich range of colors makes the plant an ideal seasoning in neutral interiors: you can adjust the entire atmosphere in a room with a few specimens. Bromeliads are also a durable houseplant that continues to flower undisturbed for up to three months. Solo or as a group together: the cheerful trumpets bring the summer into your home!

Ticket to the Tropics

In the wild, Bromeliad grows in the tropical rainforests of South America. The plant comes from the large, tropical Bromeliad family, which has 2800 different portraits. Bromeliads are the kind of plant that people use to show who they are: not exactly a wallflower, but a striking housemate who is very easy to deal with and yet always manages to impress.


Location: Out of the sun, in a warm, humid place: kitchens and bathrooms are ideal.
Temperature: Minimum 18 º C, preferably slightly warmer.
Care: Bromeliad thrives on mild neglect: always pour some water into the rosette during flowering, but avoid a foot bath.

Source: Flower Council of Holland

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