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Narcissus Bulb Garden 'Colourful' - Mix of 250
Bulb Garden 'Colourful' - Mix of 250

Bulb Garden 'Colourful' - Mix of 250

Type: Narcissus
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The Bulb Garden Colourful is a mix of diverse colorful flower bulbs that create a beautiful and vibrant garden display. This mix includes a combination of different bulb varieties.

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Product Information
The Bulb Garden Colourful is a mix of various colorful flower bulbs that create a beautiful and vibrant garden display. This mix contains a combination of different types of flower bulbs, including Triumph Tulips in a striking orange color, Anemone Hollandia with its beautiful red flowers, Daffodils in a warm yellow hue, Allium sphaerocephalon with its characteristic bulbous inflorescence and Muscari armeniacum with its bright blue flowers. This diverse composition of bulbs ensures successive blooms throughout the spring and creates a vibrant color palette in the garden. These varieties can be planted in combination with each other. These bulbs are also excellent for planting in pots on patios or balconies.
Planting instructions
Planting the Bulb Garden Colourful is easy. The bulbs are best planted in autumn in a sunny or semi-shaded location with well-drained soil. Dig a hole about twice as deep as the height of the bulb and place the bulb with the tip up. Cover the bulb with soil and press lightly. For an attractive effect, flower bulbs can be planted together in groups or clusters. During the growing season, flower bulbs need moderate watering, keeping the soil slightly moist but not soggy. After flowering, spent flowers can be removed to preserve the plant's energy. However, allow the foliage to wilt completely before cutting, as the foliage helps to provide nutrition and store energy for the next growth cycle.
With the Bulb Garden Colourful, you bring into your home a beautiful mix of colorful flowers that provide a vibrant and colorful display in the garden year after year.
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