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Cactus Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Cactus Santa Claus

Type: Cactus
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These little cacti are specially dressed for Christmas, with their new outfit they immediately put you in a Christmas mood. Price is per piece!
Height (incl. pot) ± 13 cm
Pot size 8 cm


Care, location

Cacti like a sunny spot. With too much shade, the plants turn gray and fillet. Provide a well-drained soil that has a neutral to slightly acidic pH (between 6 and 7). The cactus soil that is available on the market meets the requirements. Repotting cacti should only be done if the cactus has grown too large in relation to the pot. This should be done every 3 to 5 years, depending on the type. The best time to repot is spring. It is best to water potted plants only after 10 to 14 days because damaged roots still have to recover.


The most optimal temperature is around 25 ° C during the summer. On really sunny days, this temperature can rise to 35 ° C without problems occurring, but it ensures that the cactus has sufficient moisture available. During the winter, the plants are dormant and the temperature can drop to 10 ° C. The condition is that the plants must be dry.

Water and fertilization

Casting is a more difficult thing. A general rule is that the cactus should only be watered when the root ball is completely dry (also at the bottom). In winter (October-March), it is not allowed to water because the plants then have their rest period. The additional fertilization is done with a commercially available cactus fertilizer that has a low nitrogen content. During the summer it is advisable to fertilize once a month.

Colors and shapes

No plant is as decorative and surreal as a cactus. A bright pink bulb can grow from a gray-green base and beautiful flowers can appear between the spines. Mammillaria are flowering cacti, Echino is spherical with beautiful even ridges. Gymnocalycium appears to be made up of green spheres and has a funnel flower, Opuntia grows in flat discs. And Cereus grows like a column that can grow up to ten meters in the wild

Cactus Pachanot, cool, trendy, decorative.

Height (incl. pot):± 13 cm
Pot size ⌀:8 cm
Article number:linden-402
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