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Calathea Calathea Crocata tassmania 3-6 flowers Pot 14 cm
Calathea Crocata tassmania 3-6 flowers Pot 14 cm

Calathea Crocata tassmania 3-6 flowers Pot 14 cm

Type: Calathea
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Height (incl. pot) ± 50 cm
Pot size 14 cm

More information

Calathea Crocata Tassmania

The Calathea Crocata Tassmania certainly stands out with its beautiful brightly colored orange flowers and also has a strong air-purifying effect. The plant originates from South America and grows mainly in the shaded corners of the Amazon rainforest. This way the plant enjoys the protection of the large trees. The plant is also known as the Eternal Flame because the orange flowers of the plant resemble flames.


Since the Calathea Crocata Tassmania grows naturally under the shelter of other trees, the best place for it is a location with partial shade. Avoid direct sunlight against the Eternal Flame, as it is harmful and can cause brown edges on the leaves. Drafts should also be avoided when placing the plant.

Caring for Calathea

It is best to keep the Calathea Crocata Tassmania at room temperature. Ideally, that is 16 °C and that can serve as a handhold. Under no circumstances should the temperature be below 16 °C. After 2 to 3 months, the Eternal Flame has finished flowering. What has finished flowering can be cut off. New leaves will appear in the plant and if these are large enough, the plant will start to bloom again with new flower buds.

Calathea waters

The Calathea should be watered regularly for ten weeks. It is important that the Eternal Flame is placed in 2 cm of water in connection with the environmentally friendly coconut. Water it a little once a week and make sure that the soil remains moist, after which the plant will bud again.

Repot Calathea

The Calathea is best repotted every two years. This can preferably be done in the spring, because then the plant has enough time to recover from any damage. Visit View Pots for a beautiful and larger pot for the Eternal Flame.

Calathea nutrition

Feed the Calathea Crocata Tassmania every two weeks and especially in the summer it is advisable to add extra green plant food when watering. Check out plant food for buying the right food and dosage for the Eternal Flame. Feeding is not necessary in winter as the plant is then in a resting position.

The Calathea Crocata Tassmania is non-toxic to pets and can be fertilized once a month, except during the flowering time. On Calathea plant guide you will find more maintenance tips to enjoy the plant for longer.

Pot size (cm): 14
Height (cm): 40-50
Location: Shadow
Latin name: Calathea crocata Tassmania
Final height (cm): 90
Pieces in set: 1
Hardy: No
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By: Pletinckx tania
Date: 12/09/2018

Planten zijn goed verpakt om te versturen , waardoor ze ook niet beschadigd aankomen. De uitleg over de planten die ik aankocht vond ik super
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De uitleg die je krijgt bij levering .

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