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Calathea Fusion White - Prayer plants
Fusion White - Prayer plants
€35,95 €29,50

Calathea Fusion White - Prayer plants

Type: Calathea
€35,95 €29,50
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The Calathea Fusion White is a special and rare Calathea, with beautiful white spots / drawings on the leaf.
Height (incl. pot) ± 30 cm
Pot size 14 cm

Calathea Fusion White

The Calathea Fusion White is a rare Calathea, which with its white spots / markings is a striking plant in any interior. The Calathea originally grows in the rainforest and likes shade. It can therefore thrive indoors. Place it in the living room, the bedroom or, for example, in a dark room, such as the hall or the office. But it also feels completely at home in the bathroom, where there is little light and it is extra humid.

The Calathea is also known as The Living Plant . The plant owes this name to its special property: the leaves unfold when light falls and close when the amount of light decreases. That scene creates rhythm in the room, because the closing is audible by a rustling sound.

The Living Plant is a genus that originates from the Marantaceae family of plants. The Marantaceae is found in the subtropics and mainly in the jungle of Brazil where it grows wild as a shrub. There are many varieties with the most decorative leaf colors and grain patterns

What is the best location for the Calathea Fusion White?

The Calathea Fusion White does not like sunlight and likes to stay in the shade . In this way, the plant provides color and life to locations in the house where other plants do not like to be. The location must have a high humidity. If the humidity is too low, the plant can develop brown edges.

Taking care of Calathea Fusion White

The Calathea is a real shade plant. It is important that the Calathea Fusion White does not get too much light. In the jungle, the plant also grows as a shrub under the shade of the tall trees. The ideal air temperature for the Calathea Triostar is between 15 ° C and 23 ° C.

How much water does the Calathea Fusion White drink?

The Calathea requires a relatively large amount of water; give him a little lukewarm lime-poor water twice a week. The soil of this Calathea should not become dry, but be careful not to put the plant in a layer of water. Then the carrots can start to rot. With a finger, you can easily check the soil for dryness to the touch and water more if necessary.

Do I ever have to repot the Calathea Fusion white?

The Calathea can be repotted once every two or three years or when the pot becomes too small. The plant can also be repotted immediately after purchase to prevent it from drying out too quickly. Buy the right and beautiful pot for the Living Plant in pots.

The Calathea Fusion White is an air-purifying plant without edible leaves that likes to be in the shade. The plant guide Calathea plant guide contains many more maintenance tips.

Height (incl. pot):± 30 cm
Pot size ⌀:14 cm
Article number:FP018-02400
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By: Anna
Date: 15/06/2021

What a beauty, so happy with this plant and the delivery. Super well packed!

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