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Alocasia Calidora - Elephant ear - pot 35 cm

The Alocasia Calidora elephant ear is loved because of its large decorative leaves but also because of the transparency due to the long stems.
Height (incl. pot):
± 120 cm
Pot ⌀:
35 cm

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Alocasia Calidora


Alocasia belongs to the Arum family and grows in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. It is especially common on Borneo and can reach a height of four meters. 79 species are known. The plant has been cultivated around the equator for 28,000 years as food. From the original versions, decorative plants have been bred that are not edible, but very beautiful. Alocasia conquered the living room in the fifties and has a beautiful vintage vibe. These plants are also called Elephant Ear.


The plants thrive best with a constantly moist soil. "a little less in the winter, a little more in the summer, but preferably no large quantities in one go. The Alocasia also likes being sprayed very regularly.

If you give the plant too much water, the alocasia perspires the moisture away and drops can get on the beams, this so-called "guttation" disappears by giving less water.

The alocasia thrives best in sunlight. So place the plant near a window. Not enough light and the plant will grow its leaves towards the light.

Administer some liquid food once a month during the growth period. Fertilizing is not necessary in winter.




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