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Canna Island 17cm with flower Crete

These beautiful canna's in a large pot are ideal for terraces or balconies. Canna's do better in a group and often grow larger.
Height (incl. pot):
± 50 cm
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17 cm

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Canna Indica (Cauliflower)


The Canna Indica is the only member of the family of the Cannaceae (Flower-cane family). The Dutch name is Indian cane. The Canna Indica origin is located in the tropical part of America. The Canna has spread throughout the world over the years (South America, Africa, Southern Europe and Asia), wherever it is not or hardly freezing in the winter, you come across the Canna in large quantities.


Because of the continuous flowering and decorative leaves it is a grateful plant. In northern Europe the canna flowers from about July to November. The height of the Canna varies from 50 cm to 1.50 m.


The Canna needs a lot of water, too wet actually can not, because the Canna is a bank plant. The plant is suitable as a terrace and balcony plant and as a perennial in the garden. The Canna can not have a severe frost, can be kept in the winter, keep cool. Preferably not in the shade. Preferably put this plant in a sheltered place, this prevents cracks in the leaf.


Because canna's produce a mass of leaves and flowers from a bare rhizome in a short time, they need a lot of moisture and nutrients. Add a generous amount of organic manure (granules) and compost to the planting hole. Also during the growing season it is important to fertilize regularly. Canna's do not give too much manure too quickly.


After the first night frost, when leaves and flowers are frozen, the rhizomes must be grubbed with clod and all. Cut the blade about a hand width above the ground. Dig out Canna's and keep them with earth and all. The root ball prevents the rhizomes from losing too much moisture. Nevertheless, during storage, check occasionally whether the rhizomes are not drying out. Make them a bit wet if necessary. Pot-grown canna's can be left over in a frost-free, dry place with pot and all at a temperature of at least 9 degrees. Make sure the roots are not too wet, then they rot and mold

The canna Indica gives your terrace a summery touch.

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