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Citrus Calamondin Calamondin on trunk
Calamondin on trunk

Citrus Calamondin Calamondin on trunk

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Turn your patio into a Mediterranean spot with citrus trees. You can enjoy these southern beauties for years to come. And in winter you just take them inside! Let it winter in a cool, light and frost-free way in front of the window of a cool bedroom...
Height (incl. pot) ± 70 cm
Pot size 21 cm

Citrus Calamondin

Care Tips

Full sun, lots of light.

Fill a large pot with low-lime, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Citrus trees love water, but can't stand a foot bath.
Yellowing leaves is a sign that the plant is too wet.
Plant food every month from the end of February to the end of August.
Let it winter in a cool, light and frost-free greenhouse or in front of the window of a cool bedroom.


Whimsical branches, beautiful green leaves, sometimes already with the first fruits on them, how delicious 'Sorrento' do you want it to be? Citrus trees promise to be the big terrace trend of 2016. They don't take up much space, but they still offer a lot of experience. In addition, they are low-maintenance and beautiful to look at. Just the feeling of long lazy summer evenings overlooking something that also thrives in Tuscany - before you know it, one can take home from the shop. But which one will it be?

Rather a tree than a tree

All citrus trees look a bit alike. They are slender, densely branched trees with a slightly disheveled crown. The choice is greatest in lemon and orange trees, these are also the most decorative and the most cultivated for endurance. There are also grapefruit, kumquat and tangerine trees, but as an 'entry level citrus', lemon or orange is a great choice. It is worth investing in an already larger one. Not only does it have more impact on your terrace, the slightly larger trees are also stronger, better developed and more likely to stay than the little ones. The leaves should be nice and green and seeing a few small fruits is also a good sign.

Mobile citrus, always handy

If you have come home together, it is important to find a good spot. Citrus trees like to be in a large, heavy pot that is not immediately surrounded by a summer storm. To make it easy for you, place it on a platform with wheels. In this way you can easily move the tree in the summer months to the places where there is the most sun. Moreover, it is a simple way to move the tree to the greenhouse, shed or living room when the nights get colder again.

The Citrus is not suitable for consumption.

Height (incl. pot):± 70 cm
Pot size ⌀:21 cm
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