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Cycas Revoluta

The Cycas Revoluta also called False sago plant or Peace palm is a very strong plant with a luxurious appearance due to its beautiful glossy leaves. The largest on request. Every model is different!
Cycas revoluta
Cycas revoluta
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± 90 cm
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27 cm

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Cycas Revoluta

The cycas also called palm fern grow particularly well in our climate, despite the cycas being a slow grower. The maximum height that the Cycas can reach is 3 meters. However, this takes a very long time, up to 100 years, so the palm will most likely survive you. The cycas can be on the terrace from mid-May to October. In the winter the cycas will have to be in a frost-free place "despite its hardiness". However, the cycas may also be installed in the home or office "as a precaution" in winter.

Wintering large plants is best done in an unheated garage or under a shelter. You can optionally wrap the pot with insulating material.


Cycas revoluta is easy to maintain, full sun! no problem. The plant does like well-draining soil and give it sufficient water. Administer monthly food, preferably cow manure pellets.


The Cycas Revoluta is originally from Japan and is related to the Cycadaceae. It is a very old variety and can also last a lifetime at home if you take good care of this plant!
The plant produces long leaves that unfold "like ferns". The plant prefers to be in a large tub so that it can make good roots.
Do not touch the leaves of the Cycas Revoluta too much with your hands, otherwise they will turn brown.

The cycas revoluta is a particularly beautiful and strong palm.

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