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50 cm 12 cm

Cymbidium Paddy

This beautiful cymbidium has 3 or 4 beautiful flower clusters. The Orchid differs from other cymbidium in its pure leaves and clearly visible flower stems. Smaller but nicer!
Height (incl. pot):
± 50 cm
Pot ⌀:
12 cm

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Origin and care

Originally these come    beautiful cymbidiums with its beautiful flower sprays for in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. Here they grow at an altitude of 1500 to 2200 meters.

Just like other green plants, the cymbidium needs sufficient water. Immersing a few minutes in lukewarm water once a week, draining it briefly and then placing it back in the pot is the most ideal.

The cymbidium likes a light location, especially in winter this is important. In the spring and summer would prefer no direct sunlight, otherwise the leaves could burn.


Give the Cymbidium little or no fertilizer in the winter months. Only in the spring when the plant has finished flowering and new shoots are formed, it is possible to fertilize regularly with a fertilizer containing sufficient nitrogen (N).


When the plant almost bursts out of its pot, it is time to repot the plant.
Pick a high pot. The roots of the Cascade Cymbidium grow best here.
Use an airy mixture of potting compost that does retain sufficient moisture.

Flower buds

The Cymbidium naturally flowers once a year. So if you bought a plant in January, it will get new flower branches in January at the earliest, and not later in January the following year.

It is not that easy to achieve this. So here are some tips:

  1. Give the plant as light a location as possible in the winter;
  2. Give enough water to keep the plant in good condition;
  3. When the plant has finished flowering, move it to a cool, light place in the house and give little water;
  4. After 12 weeks move the plant back to a warmer place and water more. Manure may also be administered regularly during this period;
  5. If possible, the plant may be placed outside in the summer months. Not in the bright sun, but in a light place. Keep the root ball moist. If necessary, place the pot in the ground so that it dries out less quickly;
  6. In the fall, when the outside temperatures fall below 10 degrees, bring the plant back inside.

A feast for the eyes this beautiful cymbidium orchid!



Ik heb ze gekocht en ze zijn goed aangekomen, ben er erg blij mee.
Zie de foto.


    Ik heb ze gekocht en ze zijn goed aangekomen, ben er erg blij mee.
    Zie de foto.

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