85 cm 14 cm

Cymbidium White 3 branch

This fantastically beautiful cymbidium has at least 3 beautiful flower clusters. This plant will do well in the home or office.
Height (incl. pot):
± 85 cm
Pot ⌀:
14 cm

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Dee Pee 17


Origin and care

These are originally coming    beautiful cymbidiums with its beautiful flower branches for China, Taiwan and Vietnam. Here they grow at a height of 1500 to 2200 meters.

The cymbidium, like other green plants, needs sufficient water. Dipping a few minutes in lukewarm water once a week, letting it leak out and then putting it back in the pot is the most ideal.

The cymbidium likes to have a light spot, especially in the winter this is important. In the spring and summer prefer no direct sunlight otherwise the leaves could burn.


Give the Cymbidium little or no fertilizer during the winter months. Only in the spring when the plant has finished flowering and new shoots are formed can fertilizers be regularly fertilized with nitrogen containing nitrogen (N).


If the plant almost bursts out of its pot, it is time to repot the plant.
Look for a high pot. The roots of the Cascade Cymbidium grow best here.
Use an airy mixture of potting soil that retains sufficient moisture.

Flower buds

The Cymbidium naturally blooms once a year. So if you bought a plant in January, it will get new flower branches at the earliest again in January the following year.

It is not so easy to get this done. So here are some tips:

  1. Give the plant the lightest possible location in the winter;
  2. Provide enough water so that the plant remains in good condition;
  3. When the plant has finished, move it to a cool, light spot in the house and give little water;
  4. After 12 weeks, move the plant back to a warmer place and water again. Also, manure may be administered regularly during this period;
  5. If possible, the plant may be placed outdoors in the summer months. Not in the bright sun, but in a bright place. Keep the pot tip moist. If necessary, put in the soil with pot and all so that it dries out less quickly;
  6. In the autumn when the outdoor temperatures drop below 10 degrees, the plant will be brought back in.

A feast for the eye this beautiful cymbidium orchid!



Prachtige, gezonde Cymbidium. Veel knoppen, hele mooie bloemen met een lange bloeitijd. Van deze plant heb je lang plezier!
Alles keurig verpakt en snel geleverd. Echt een aanrader voor elke orchideeën-liefhebber!

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