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Dendrobium Dendrobium Nobilé - '' Purple '' 2-stems - painted
Dendrobium Nobilé - '' Purple '' 2-stems - painted

Dendrobium Nobilé - '' Purple '' 2-stems - painted

Type: Dendrobium
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This orchid is a very rich bloomer and has a high ornamental value. The Dendrobium nobilé has 2 branches and beautiful flowers (painted). Because not all colors are available in nature, we have given nature a helping hand.
Height (incl. pot) ± 50 cm
Pot size 12 cm

More information

Dendrobium Nobilé


The orchid family is one of the largest plant families. It is estimated that there are 20,000 species. The Dendrobium nobilé is an epiphytic orchid. That is to say, it grows in the wild on other plants or trees without extracting food from them. It is originally from the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia. Dendrobium nobilé is one of the rarest orchids on the market and we are one of three growers in the Netherlands of this promising plant.

With a little care, consumers will enjoy their Dendrobium nobilé so much more. The symbols on the back of the insert label provide the correct information. Here the explanation of the symbols:


  • Not in full sun;
  • Place in the shade with occasional sun;
  • Remove dead flowers;
  • Not intended for consumption;
  • Flowering period 2 to 3 months;
  • Plant nutrition 1 x every 3 months;
  • Water twice a week;
  • Place in a room with a temperature between 15 ° C and 22 ° C.

Additional information

Just like all other plants, do not put the dendrobium nobilé in a draft. After flowering give less water and no plant food.

During the rest period, place the Dendrobium Nobilé in a light place at a temperature of 5 ° C to 10 ° C.

If you give away a Dendrobium nobile as a gift, your family or friends will not go wrong.