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Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow
Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow

Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow

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The dieffenbachia is a very beautiful and rewarding houseplant, sought after for its beautiful leaf drawing. FloraStore has selected 3 of these beautiful indoor plants.
Height (incl. pot) ± 80 cm
Pot size 24 cm

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The original origin of the dieffenbachia is South America. Named as a tribute to the Vienna Botanist Joseph Dieffenbach.


Because it is a tropical plant with large leaves that require relatively much moisture, it is important to always keep the soil slightly moist. You can let the plant dry a little before watering again, make sure that the roots do not stay in the water because of the root rot that occurs then. in the growth period that runs from March to August. Water slightly more in the summer than in the winter.  


Spray the dieffenbachia regularly to remove dust from the leaves and prevent vermin. Spraying also promotes the quality and decorative value of the houseplant.


The Dieffenbachia does well in a light sunny spot in the home or office. Prefer no direct sunlight.

Minimum temperature

15 ° C during the day

12 ° C at night


Only moderately feed the Dieffenbachia in the spring and summer. Never give too much this can lead to burning of the roots. Check the package for the correct dosage.


It is best to repot a Dieffenbachia once every two years in a larger pot. The best period for repotting is spring or immediately after purchasing the plant. A larger pot will stimulate growth and the advantage is a larger buffer soil so that the water is more spread and there is less chance of root rot. Always take a pot that is 20 to 25% larger and do not use Hydro pellets on the bottom of the pot. It is best to use a plastic insert cover for large pots.

Leaf damage

A Dieffenbachia has few problems with discolouring leaves. With too much water, the leaves can get brown or yellow edges. Give less water in this case. With too much sunlight, the leaves will turn yellow. Places the Dieffenbachia a little further from the window


Due to its compact habit, you do not have to prune a Dieffenbachia. To preserve the decorative value of the plant, it is advisable to simply cut old and / or dead leaves at the stem.


The Dieffenbachia is a poisonous plant. If you have been in contact with the sap of the plant or the green fruits, it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly, consult your home or veterinarian!


The Dieffenbachia is susceptible to mealybug. Regular spraying helps prevent mealybugs. To firmly tackle mealybugs, we recommend that you use a chemical or biological pesticide.

The Dieffenbachia is a beloved houseplant and known for its beautiful leaf drawings.