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Dracaena Janet Lind, ornamental pot + water meter L

This beautiful and complete Dracaena Janet Lind in ornamental pot + water meter deserves a light to half shade in your room or office. However, avoid direct sunlight.
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33 cm

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The origin of the Dracaena is Africa, Central America and Asia. The Dracaena is also called the Dragon Blood Tree and is an easy to care houseplant. The houseplant needs little maintenance, can be in the partial shade and is therefore very suitable for offices.


Generally moderate watering, in the growth period that runs from March to August a little more as in winter. You can let the soil dry out a little before watering again. Do not leave the roots in the water, this causes root rot.


If the pot is provided (or you provide it yourself) with a substrate and a water meter, watering is easy! Upon arrival there is little water, fill the pot slowly with water (sometimes wait) and you will see that the meter automatically rises. All you have to do is keep an eye on this meter. If you go on vacation, you can fill the pot almost half full (you can see this at the meter which comes to an end above its maximum) and you can safely leave for 3 weeks. In addition, it is also not bad if the plants do not get too much water too quickly. The substrate absorbs the water, so when the water meter is at the bottom the substrate is still damp, but there is no water at the bottom of the pot. The plant then has more than enough for 4 summer days.


Spray the Dracaena only occasionally to remove dust from the leaves and to prevent vermin. Spraying also promotes the quality and ornamental value of the houseplant.


The Dracaena thrives well in the half shade and requires a maximum of 2 to 3 hours of sunlight per day. The Dracaena prefers a window to the north, 3 to 4 meters to a window on the estuary or west and 4 to 5 meters to a window on the south. The more colored Dracaena's like the Lemon Lime or the Song of India prefer a little more light.

Minimum temperature

18 ° C during the day

At night 13 ° C


The Dracaena does not need much nutrition. After purchase the Dracaena can still be without food for months. Feeding only in the spring or summer. Never give too much this can lead to burning of the roots. Check the packaging for the correct dosage.


A Dracaena can best be transplanted in a larger pot once every two years. The best period for overpouling is spring or immediately after purchase of the plant. A larger pot will stimulate the growth and the advantage is a larger buffer so that the water is more dispersed and there is less chance of root rot. Always take a pot that is 20 to 25% larger and do not use Hydro granules on the bottom of the pot. It is best to use a plastic insert with large pots.

Leaf damage

If a Dracaena gets discolored leaves, it is most likely due to too much water. If there are spots or brown edges on the leaves then the cause is too much light. Curled leaves indicate drought, if you notice this, the plant has been dry for too long in the past or this is the case at the time you see it.


A Dracaena is a relatively slow grower and can best be pruned in the autumn. The advantage of this is that the plant receives more light and remains more compact. The Dracaena will branch off "on every branch where it has been pruned". This will give you a nice full room or office plant. Use a pruning shears for this.


The Dracaena is a slightly toxic plant. Eating leaves by some of our four-legged friends can lead to stomach problems.


When the thicker and full plants occasionally look at the leaves and stems or there is no vermin there. Common diseases are shield or dopluis. The mealy bug can also be caused by drafts on the plant. Use a biological "or if desired" a chemical pesticide to treat the plants.

The Dracaena is a versatile plant that occurs in many variations.


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