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110 cm 21 cm

Areca Palm - Dypsis lutescens

This beautiful and graceful gold palm is happy in a light place. The Areca is suitable for home and office.
Height (incl. pot):
± 110 cm
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21 cm

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Areca palm

Air purifying qualities

A multifunctional plant!

The Areca palm is a strong air-purifying plant that is easy to care for. The Areca is suitable as a houseplant in homes and offices. This plant is available with us in a wide range of large pot sizes and heights.


Dypsis Lutescens is the Latin name for Areca. In the Netherlands it is also called gold palm. It belongs to the Arecaceae family (palm-like species). The Areca is originally from Madagascar. Nowadays the Areca is found in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world and is a very popular houseplant. The Areca is grown from seed in South America and transported to the Netherlands by sea freight as a young plant.


There is only one kind of Areca palm. The plant is available in various pot sizes and heights from 1.10 to 2.20 meters. The Air So Pure Areca is one of the faster-growing species and consists of a number of reed-like stems with light green sprung leaves. Characteristic of the plant is the long shelf life and the narrow, pointed leaves.

Areca palm likes a light location, but not direct sunlight. The Goudpalm is also not allowed on the tour.


The ideal temperature for an Air So Pure Areca palm is between 18 and 24 ° C. Strong temperature changes are not appreciated by the Areca. Give water twice a week, in winter it is sufficient once a week. The root ball must always be moist. For a healthy plant it is recommended to add some plant food to the irrigation water once a month.

The young leaves of the Air So Pure Areca emerge vertically from the growth point in the form of a spear. The Areca develops a single trunk with one growing point. At the end of the trunk is the growing point, which is protected by the leaves formed. Brown old leaves can be cut.

The Areca palm is a strong air-purifying plant.

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