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Ficus Insideendiiii Alii
Insideendiiii Alii

Ficus Insideendiiii Alii

Type: Ficus
You have got counting... hours
This beautiful ficus has bright green elongated leaves and likes to have a lot of light. An asset for the home or office.
Height (incl. pot) ± 105 cm
Pot size 21 cm

Ficus binnenendijckii Alii


The origin of the ficus is Africa, South America and the south of the USA. The Ficus belongs to the family Moreaceae or Moerbei.


Generally moderate watering, in the growth period that runs from March to August a little more as in winter. You can let the soil dry out slightly before watering again. Do not leave the roots in the water, this causes root rot.


If the pot is provided (or you provide it yourself) with a substrate and a water meter, watering is easy! Upon arrival there is little water, fill the pot slowly with water (sometimes wait) and you will see that the meter automatically rises. All you have to do is keep an eye on this meter. If you go on vacation, you can fill the pot almost half full (you can see this at the meter which comes to an end above its maximum) and you can safely leave for 3 weeks. In addition, it is also not bad if the plants do not get too much water too quickly. The substrate absorbs the water, so when the water meter is at the bottom the substrate is still damp, but there is no water at the bottom of the pot. The plant then has more than enough for 4 summer days.


Regular spraying of the Ficus to remove dust from the leaves and to prevent spider mites is therefore recommended.


The Ficus likes to stand on a light spot and needs at least 4 to 5 hours of sunlight per day. In a south-facing window, the ficus can be placed two to three meters away from the window. The plant within one meter of a window on the East, West and North. if the Ficus is too dark, you have more chance of leaf fall and new leaves will grow more difficult.

Minimum temperature

18 ° C during the day

15 ° C at night


The Ficus does not need much nutrition. After purchase, the Ficus can still be without food for months. Feeding only in the spring or summer. Never give too much this can lead to burning of the roots. Check the packaging for the correct dosage.


A Ficus can best be transplanted in a larger pot once every two years. The best period for overpouling is spring or immediately after purchase of the plant. A larger pot will stimulate the growth and the advantage is a larger buffer so that the water is more dispersed and there is less chance of root rot. Always take a pot that is 20 to 25% larger and do not use Hydro granules on the bottom of the pot. It is best to use a plastic insert with large pots.

Leaf damage

If you move a Ficus or there is too little light, the plant will lose leaf. Also when purchasing in the winter there is more chance of this. In the winter period, therefore, place the houseplant closer to a window. In the spring, the Ficus will "restore with good care" and thus create a new leaf.

If the ficus gets yellow leaves while you are taking care of them as always, then maybe give them some new nutrition.


A ficus is a relatively quick grower and can therefore best be pruned every autumn. The advantage of this is that the plant receives more light, remains more compact and you do not get long shoots. The Ficus lyrata is a strange duck in the bite. This houseplant can best be pruned in late spring (May-June). The reason is that the Lyrata needs more power to walk out. The Ficus lyrata will "branch off with every branch where it is pruned." This will give you a nice full room or office plant. Use a pruning shears and cover the wounds with cigarette ash to stop the bleeding of the houseplant.


The ficus is a poisonous plant. If you come into contact with the white milk juice, this may irritate the skin. Eating the leaves by children and pets can cause little bubbles on the skin.

The Ficus is a versatile plant that occurs in many variations.

Ficus binnenendijckii, ideal for indoors as an office plant.

Height (incl. pot):± 105 cm
Pot size ⌀:21 cm
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