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Hibiscus XXL pink "Hot Pink" - Althea bush
XXL pink "Hot Pink" - Althea bush

Hibiscus XXL pink "Hot Pink" - Althea bush

Type: Hibiscus
You have got counting... hours
The Newbiscu is a hardy perennial that you can enjoy for several years and blooms profusely with flowers the size of a breakfast plate. So next year your Newbiscus„¢ will simply return, despite the (severe) frost in winter. ...
Height (incl. pot) ± 60 cm
Pot size 23 cm

Hibiscus NEWBiscus


There are endless beautiful balcony, garden and patio plants. Follow the Golden Rules for the care of your container plant so that you can enjoy it for a long time! 

-Keep to the care tips on the supplied plant label.
-Use well-draining potting soil and water regularly. On hot days, this can be done twice a day.
-Watch out for night frost!
-Avoid too much sun, drought, water in the pot.
-Remove faded flowers and prune the plant regularly to keep the plant's shape and flowering optimal.
- Provide regular plant food for a beautiful, long-lasting flowering plant.

Tub plants require intensive care. In the autumn before the night frost starts, the plants can go inside. In the spring, early May, the plants can go outside again. More information about overwintering can be found under the heading 'overwintering' on this site. Repotting is best done at the end of April, add some clay so that more moisture is retained.

Let tub plants overwinter

After you have been able to enjoy your tub plant for a whole summer, you can ensure that you can enjoy it again the following year. This can be done by overwintering the container plant in a frost-free place. Tub plants cannot withstand the frost.

It is important that the plant is frost-free. This can be done, for example, in a cool spot in the house at about 7°C. Water the plant moderately so that the root ball cannot dry out.
The plant may drop all its leaves, as if it is dying, but this is not the case! This is the rest period.
A plant with few or no leaves hardly evaporates any water during this rest period. So make sure that the plant gets very little water!
From March you can put the plant a little warmer and lighter and new leaf buds will appear soon.
The end of April may be the time to repot the tub plant. Add some clay so that a lot of moisture is retained. If the plant is in a pot, make sure there is a hole in the bottom so that the excess water can drain!

Height (incl. pot):± 60 cm
Pot size ⌀:23 cm
Article number:BAR1123004
average of 5 review(s)
By: gousset
Date: 09/09/2019

Très satisfaite
Produits très bien emballé et livraison rapide
La beauté des produits

By: Joris
Date: 13/08/2019

Zeer vlotte levering , mooie gezonde plant stond vol in de knop

By: Anoniem
Date: 16/09/2018

Een plant gekocht en die zat helemaal in de knop en zag er gezond uit. Prima dus.
Sterke punten:
Plant zag er erg gezond uit

By: Anoniem
Date: 26/07/2017

Zeer goed
Sterke punten:
Vriendelijk attent

By: Bernard
Date: 13/07/2014

Deze hibiscus heb ik wel eens in een tuincentrum gezien en nu kwam ik hem tegen via Ik heb er twee besteld en wat een prachtige planten! Echt hele grote sprekende bloemen. Verpakking en snelheid van leveren super. ook de manier van bestellen en betalen was erg makkelijk.
Bedankt FloraStore

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Write a review

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