Anthurium: Houseplant of the month of December

The story of Anthurium

Anthurium one of the most popular indoor plants. Beautiful to see, easy to maintain and a whole personality in the house, which makes a serene impression in white, while the brightly colored species have a lively appearance. Although the colored part is considered by most people for the flower, it is simply a colored bract. The flowers of Anthurium are very small and are all on the cob.


Anthurium comes from the tropical rainforests of Colombia, Guatemala and the Amazon region in Brazil. There, the plant grows as an epiphyte: that is to say that they grow in and on trees with relatively few roots without taking food from them. The plant gets enough light there, but no bright sun and is always nice and warm, with a high humidity.

Choice of assortment

The Anthurium range has recently been expanded considerably. There are many varieties of the lakanthurium (Andreanum Grp, shiny bracts, straight flask). You can choose from large, loose shapes with bracts as elephant ears to beautiful compact varieties with small inflorescences. There are beautiful colors such as white, red, pink, lilac, lemon, green and brown, but Anthurium is also grown as a two-tone houseplant, with speckled and green 'flowers'. Distinctive are the 'Love' and 'Champion' series. For some species a flowering guarantee of 300 days is given. In addition to the luster hurium, the flamingo plant (A. Scherzerianum Grp (dull bracts and spiral flask) is also offered and Anthuriums with strikingly decorative green leaves, such as A. clarinervium, A. 'Renaissance', A. 'Rain Forest' and A. 'Jungle King'


Care tips

  • Anthurium likes to be light, but preferably not in the full sun.
  • Keep the room temperature at 18-22 ° C, the plant should not be too cold.
  • The pot ball must not dry out, nor be in the water.
  • Regular spraying mimics the humidity of the tropical rainforest.
  • Faded flowers may be removed.
  • Once every three weeks give plant nutrition, Anthurium helps to bloom long and richly

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