Zamioculcas: houseplant of the month of january 2020

The story of the Zamioculcas

Zamioculcas zamiifolia belongs to the Araceae family, the arondskelkachtigen. It is a perennial plant with sprung leaves that reach 40 to 60 cm in length. The leaves on the thick stems are smooth, shiny and dark green. The plant can flower, but rarely does that indoors, only with strong neglect, as a survival technique. Then the Arum-like flowers grow from the base of the plant.

The plant has only been part of the houseplant range since 1996 and has no historical symbolism. In view of its indestructibility, keywords such as 'power', 'survivor' and 'go-getter' are, however, very appropriate.


The natural environment of Zamioculcas consists of rocky ground in lowlands or the feet of highlands in East Africa. Zamioculcas is found in countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi and Zanzibar. The cultivation as a houseplant is due to ambitious Dutch growers who discovered the plant in the mid-nineties and saw a good houseplant in the separate exotic. The cultivation itself is not very complicated, but requires time: the plant grows very slowly. For the Zamioculcas as a houseplant, the growers have developed techniques to be able to deliver good plants within a reasonable time. A warm and humid environment helps with this.

Choice of assortment

The range within Zamioculcas is limited. There is, however, a rich selection of pot sizes of the same kind.

Care tips

  • Zamioculcas is an 'easy care' product and can have a lot.
  • In terms of location, it thrives on both a light spot and half shade.
  • Room temperature of 18-22 ° C is fine, the plant should not be too cold, although it generally is not that difficult.
  • What Zamioculcas really can't stand is a foot bath. The root ball may dry in between waterings, the plant has strong succulent properties in leaves and roots to bridge a dry period.
  • Give some plant food once a month, spray the leaves regularly with lukewarm water.
  • Old leaves can be removed if necessary, with sufficient light new feathers (leaves) will form.
  • The underground tubers have enormous power and can deform the (plastic) inner pot and cause the outer pot to crack. Before that happens, the Zamioculucas must be repotted.
  • In the summer, when the temperature no longer falls below 12 ° C, the plant can also be planted in the garden or on the terrace. Watch out for bright sun.
  • The plant is only for decoration and not suitable for consumption.


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