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If you are going to buy your orchid online in our webshop, we would like to give you some care tips. Order your plants easily online.

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Are you considering buying an orchid online? That's a good choice. The orchid family is one of the largest plant families on Earth with approximately 20,000 species. You will find different varieties of the most beautiful orchids at FloraStore, which you can also buy directly in pots. In addition, due to a very strong bond with our grower, we occasionally offer very unique and rare orchids. You can also buy these orchids online, pot and all. So keep an eye on this page, because here you can easily order your orchid online.

Get a unique plant into your home by buying an orchid online

Orchids are very decorative plants thanks to their unique shapes and colorful flowers. One of the most famous species of the orchid family is perhaps the Phalaenopsis. Many people order this orchid online in the FloraStore webshop. The Phalaenopsis is very successful as a houseplant because of its easy care. The butterfly orchid has a beautiful and long bloom. Don't forget the Vanda either. This beautiful orchid is often used as a cut flower for corsages and the like. However, this special orchid is also available as a houseplant, often in a glass vase or hanging from a stand. Of course you can also buy this orchid in a pot online.

What to do with drooping leaves?

Help! The leaves of my orchids in pots are hanging limp. Do not panic! This is usually because your orchid has been overwatered. It is better to water too little than too much. Look at the roots first. If these are beautifully green, your orchid has enough water. Don't water anymore. If you see that the roots are slightly graying, this means that your orchid is too dry. It is best to immerse the orchid with plastic pot and all in a bucket or sink filled with water. In winter you can suffice with once every ten days. Let the orchid stand for about fifteen minutes. The roots are now sucking full of water. Let the plant drain well. Now the orchid can go back into the pot. This way your orchid will look beautiful again and you will not have to order a new one online.

Get the best out of your potted orchids

The biggest misconception is that the orchid is difficult to care for. But the care of this plant is just so easy! With some extra attention, almost all orchids bloom several times a year. Of course, the thousands of different types of orchids do not all shine with the same care. However, there are some general tips that make most orchids happy. The guidelines below will get you a long way. When purchasing, ask if there are specific tips for your orchids in pots.

Orchids love:

  • A bright place
  • Room temperatures between 15 and 25° C
  • A little nutrition, about once a month

Orchids do not like:

  • Wet feet
  • Draft (constant flow of wind)
  • Direct sunlight
  • The central heating or stove nearby

Tips for watering

An orchid likes to be dipped with the root ball in the water once a week for a short time (about 15 minutes). After dipping, the water should drain. Exclusive orchids need a little more water at a time, but only once a month. Do you know exactly which type of orchid with pot you are looking for? Then we are happy to give you the best care tips for different orchid species:

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