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45 cm 23 cm

Hydrangea Blue - 10 to 15 buttons in a colored pot

The Hydrangea (Hydrangea) for room, terrace or balcony. After flowering you can plant the plant in the open ground. The hydrangea is an easy plant. He is hardy and knows almost no diseases. Follow the care tips.
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± 45 cm
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23 cm

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Hydrangea (Hydrangea)


The Hydrangea can be placed anywhere, in the room or on the terrace and balcony, after flowering you can plant this hydrangea in the open ground.

Preferably place in a light spot but not in the bright sun!

The Hydrangea would like a lot of water but do not leave excess water in the pot! If you ever forget to give water, you will see this quickly enough on the leaves, which will be limp, you have to give water immediately and the plant will recover fairly quickly. The disadvantage is that the flowers can turn slightly brown due to this.

The ideal room temperature is between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Because it blooms so much, a hydrangea needs a lot of fertilizers. You can use organic, universal fertilizers for this. These fertilizers are good for hydrangeas, but also for the entire garden. To retain the color of the hydrangeas, you can add the best hydrangea soil based on garden peat and hydrangea bluemaker.


The Hydrangea (Hydrangea) is one of the most popular plants, for indoors and outdoors.

Depending on the cultivation method, the season or the environment, the flower can take on different colors, from beautiful fresh colors to colored shades.

Hydrangea comes from the Greek: hydro is water and angeion is barrel or jug.

The name refers to the burst fruit that resembles a water keg.

The mother species Hydrangea grows in incredible amounts along the coastal tents south of Tokyo.

Hydrangea also originates from East Asia and large parts of North and Central America.

There is a large color range from white, pink and blue to two-color, green and red.

There are also more and more coloring varieties, whereby the flower color changes during the season to beautiful autumn hues, and double-flowered varieties.

The Hydrangea (Hortensia) range is very extensive.

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