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Gardenia Jasminoides - Cape Jasmine
Jasminoides - Cape Jasmine

Gardenia Jasminoides - Cape Jasmine

Type: Gardenia
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The gardenia has fresh glossy leaves and beautiful white rose-like flowers that have a wonderful scent. If you follow the care tips carefully, you will have a lot of fun with this plant. Delivered in bud.
Height (incl. pot) ± 40 cm
Pot size 19 cm

Gard enia

Origin Gardenia Jasminoïdes

Did you know that the Gardenia Jasminoïdes, also called the Cape Jasmine, actually comes from South Asia? This plant was originally most common in Vietnam, South China, Taiwan, Japan and India. The Gardenia is named after the Scottish-born American physicist Dr. Alexander Garden (1730-1791)

The Gardenia belongs to the Rubiaceae family (the star-leaf family).

Care tips

The ideal temperature for this plant is ± 18 degrees Celsius. The Gardenia thrives best in a light position. Direct sun, the gardenia does not like that! When it dries out, the plant drops its buds. Water the plant regularly (every two days). You can spray the leaves of the plant regularly. Make sure that you do not spray the flowers, which is difficult but better for the flowers of the gardenia.

The plant can use some extra water to form its buds. Only use rainwater or lime-poor water at room temperature. Gardenia is allergic to lime. When repotting, use an acidic, humus-rich soil (heather soil). Repot every 3-4 years. If the soil contains too much lime, the leaves can turn yellow.


When the plant grows too large, you can prune it back, the best period for this is March.

Winter period

The Gardenia is not hardy. Place the plant in a light cool place, fertilize in the winter is not necessary and watering once every 14 days is sufficient.


Watch out for temperature changes, the gardenia is sensitive to this and can therefore lose its buds.

Florastore only supplies plants with enough buds that are larger than 2.5 cm to improve flowering for the consumer.

Gardenia has wonderfully scented flowers.

Height (incl. pot):± 40 cm
Pot size ⌀:19 cm
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By: Lili
Date: 23/05/2022

Wunderschönes Gardeniabäumchen mit vielen Knospen, selten sowas bekommen. Meine lieblingsblume seit meine Kindheit. Die Duft ist zauberhaft und intensiv!

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