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Kokodama Branch Succulent

We are happy that we are the first webshop in the Netherlands to have the Kokodama Collection. Kokodama is handmade from coconut fibers and other natural products. Kokodama is 100% fair Trade. Price is per piece!
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± 20 cm
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7 cm

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Kokodama Collection

Kokodama is 100% fair Trade. Made in Sri Lanka and part of the profit goes to local projects to give school children a better future.

Kokodama fits in any environment, both inside and out. The kokodama plants can be hung or placed, in the house or outside on the terrace. A nice assortment is already available in all kinds of colors and types.

Ceropegia sandersonii


The origin of the Ceropegia sandersonii comes from various African countries such as: Mozambique and South Africa. The Ceropegia sandersonii just grows there in the wild. The Ceropegia sandersonii comes from the Ceropegia family. Known in the Netherlands as the Lantern plants and / or Parachute plant . There are very many varieties that distinguish themselves primarily by the different colors and shapes of the leaves.


The Ceropegia sandersonii is a succulent and does not require large amounts of water. Give it a little water once a week and let the soil dry slightly again between waterings.


During the summer you can give it a spray turn to rinse the dust off the leaves. Avoid the flowers as much as possible.


Give the Ceropegia sandersonii a light spot, but make sure it does not get too much direct light. He likes warmth, so the living room is ideal. You can use it as a climbing plant or as a hanging plant.


Maximum 25 ° C

Minimum 12 ° C


The Ceropegia sandersonii only feed in the spring and summer, In the winter it is resting period for most plants, then do not feed. Never give too much this can lead to burning of the roots. Check the package for the correct dosage.


Provide the plant with new potting soil every 2 years and, if necessary, repot the plant in a larger pot. Otherwise you only have to refresh a part of the earth.


You can prune the Ceropegia as you wish if it becomes too long.

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