• Kokodama Orchid Phalaenopsis mini 2 branch
  • Kokodama Orchid Phalaenopsis mini 2 branch
  • Kokodama Orchid Phalaenopsis mini 2 branch

Kokodama Orchid Phalaenopsis mini 2 branch

We are pleased that we can conduct the Kokodama Orchids as the first webshop in the Netherlands. Kokodama is hand made from coconut fiber and other natural products. Kokodama is 100% Fair Trade.
Height (incl. pot):
± 25 cm
Pot ⌀:
12 cm
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Kokodama Orchids

Kokodama Orchids is 100% Fair Trade. Made in Sri Lanka and part of the profit goes to local projects to give schoolchildren a better future.

Kokodama Orchids fits in every area, both inside and outside. The coconut plants can hang or drop in, home or outside on the terrace. There is already a nice assortment available in all kinds of colors and types.



The Coconut Orchids best perform at a minimum night temperature of 16 ° C and a maximum daytime temperature of 32 ° C. An ideal daytime temperature is between 20 and 22 ° C. This orchid asks for a lot of light but does not tolerate direct sunlight, certainly not in the summer months. A place on the windowsill facing the (north) east or (south) west is ideal. When leaves turn yellow, this can be a sign of too much direct sunlight. The fall of flower buds or dark green leaves indicate a possible lack of light.

Water and humidity

Do not pour the water for the Kokodama Orchids into the heart of the plant, but just on the ground in the pot. The ideal pouring water is lukewarm with an acidity (pH) of 6-7. Rainwater is better than tap water where (too) a lot of lime is in it. Feel free to give you water early in the day. It is better to immerse the jar in a bucket for one minute. Then the orchid can rest for seven days without water.

In its natural environment, the Phalaenopsis has a high humidity. Therefore, if you want to grow or grow the plant, it is best for humid places, such as a kitchen, bathroom or a conservatory.

Soil and Fertilization

It is important that the Phalaenopsis is in an airy soil that provides moisture drainage. Special orchid soils available at most garden centers are ideal for this. Do not use ordinary potting soil. Because there is often little food in the airy orchid soil, you can best fertilize Phaelenopsis through the water. For this, special orchid fertilizer is available for sale. Fertilization is needed in the months of March to October, about twice a month.

After the bloom

If a Phalaenopsis has flowed out, try to blossom again. To do this, it is necessary to cut the branch above the second 'eye'. This is about thickening on the branch. You must start counting from the bottom.

If the Phalaenopsis develops air roots that grow out of the pot, then this is a sign that the orchid feels like it. Just sit the roots. You do not have to stop them in the jar with the risk of damage to the roots.

Kokodama Orchids!

Goede planten blijven lang staan uitstekende kwaliteit.
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Ja snelle levering planten van uitstekende kwaliteit

Top! Het was mijn eerste keer dat ik planten online bestelde. Ik had grote planten besteld en was reuze benieuwd. Ik kon zelf de afleverdatum kiezen wat ik een enorm pluspunt vond. De planten kwamen zeer netjes verpakt en er was zelfs niet een blaadje afgevallen. We zijn nu een week na afleverdatum en de planten staan te stralen in onze woonkamer. Absolute aanrader!
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Je kan zelf een afleverdatum kiezen.

allemaal positief
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goede communicatie met managers


Goed, snelle en goede levering.
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Planten zitten goed en stevig verpakt.

Goede en duidelijke webshop. Hele mooie frisse planten. De orchideeën zijn weer super mooi.
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Prachtige frisse planten.
Heel goed verpakt.
Snelle levering.

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