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Kokodama Rhipsalis Boliviana (lepismium bolivianum)

New in the Kokodama collection is the Rhipsalis Boliviana (lepismium bolivianum). This plant is mainly used as a hanging plant. The shoots can be longer than 1 meter.
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± 30 cm
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Rhipsalis Boliviana (lepismium bolivianum)


The origin of the Rhipsalis Boliviana is Bolivia. The plants grow up like epiphytes. The Rhipsalis is family of the cactus (Cactaceae) but fortunately without the spines.
The shoots of the Rhipsalis Boliviana branch, are flat and drooping.
The plant can bloom in spring and autumn, but only if the conditions are optimal. Then there are pink or white flowers.



The plant consumes little water. Give a little more water during the growth period. It is best to dry out in the potting soil between the pouring beets. Use lime-free, lukewarm water when watering.


The plant needs little nutrition, only fertilize at most once a month in the spring and summer.


The Rhipsalis Boliviana wants a lot of light but no direct sunlight. The plant can also hang outside during the summer.


High humidity and + - 24 ° is ideal, but the plant also thrives at normal room temperatures and a drier atmosphere. In the winter preferably cooler, 15 ° is optimal, also less water in this period.


You can easily multiply the plant. The cuttings that you take off will be very easy to root.

The Rhipsalis Boliviana is not hardy.


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