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Laurus nobilis Pyramid 120 cm

The Laurus nobilis is a very versatile plant, praised for its characteristic and decorative characteristics. These plants can only be shipped on Tuesday. Order until 6 pm on Sunday
Laurus nobilis
Laurus nobilis
Height (incl. pot):
± 120 cm
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25 cm

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Laurus Nobilis Pyramid (Laurel)

Care in the summer

In mid-May, you can leave the laurel outside without risk. The Laurel can tolerate full sunlight but also feels at home in the shade. Watering daily is important! You can fertilize the laurel in May and July.

Care in the winter

In the winter the laurel is at rest and must be kept in a frost-free place. Watering once every 6 weeks is sufficient in winter. The ideal wintering temperature is + - 5 ° C. Pruning is best done in the winter period.
You can fertilize your Laurier in May and July. We recommend a dried organic manure.
You put the manure on top of the pot. As a rule of thumb, we use one handful per 10 liters of pot contents.
You can also give a slow-acting fertilizer (eg osmocote) that works for 3 months. In that case, you only give the manure in May.
After August, no more manure can be administered. The plant must then harden and come to rest for the winter.


In the summer you can repot your Laurier. The size of the plant determines the moment of repotting.
Remove the old pot and immerse your Laurier in a bucket of water for 5 minutes.
The diameter of the new pot should be about 5 to 10 cm larger than that of the old pot.
Remember to take a pot with enough holes in the bottom. Excess water must be able to leave the pot easily.

Put a layer of 2 cm pebbles or clay granules on the bottom of the pot. This promotes drainage.

You can use a 'heavy' potting soil. This means a potting soil in which peat, clay and dried organic manure are mixed. You do not need to add extra fertilizers. The potting soil contains sufficient nutrients for the coming time. A recently repotted plant is somewhat more vulnerable than usual. Give the plant some extra attention during the first period.

Calendar Care Laurus

January Do not forget watering once a month
February Do not forget watering once a month
March Water more often
April More frequent watering
Mei Laurier outside, summer care and fertilizing
June Possibly summer pruning before 21 June
July Possibly fertilize for the second time
August More frequent watering
September Possibly repotting
October Weather dependent less watering
November Laurier inside, winter care
December Winter pruning


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