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Medinilla J'adore dolce vita 10 -15 buttons XXL

This fantastically beautiful Medinilla is an asset to every living room. With the right care you can enjoy up to 3 months of this beautiful plant.
Height (incl. pot):
± 75 cm
Pot ⌀:
30 cm

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Light needs: a lot of light, in the winter direct sunlight, summer from the sun!


There are about 400 species of Medinilla's, of which until recently only the magnifica was offered as a houseplant. The family name of the Medinilla is Melastomataceae. The family contains approximately 3000 good species in the Neotropics, 240 species in Africa and 230 in Madagascar and about 1000 in Asia. Medinilla magnifica originates in the Philippines and is an epiphyte: it grows here on trees in the mountains of the tropical country, but does not extract its food such as parasites.
The Medinilla's originate from the tropical zones of the ancient world, from Africa through Madagascar and south Asia to the Western islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are 80 species of Medinilla in the Philippines, which are becoming increasingly rare because less and less forests remain. The genus Medinilla owes its name to J. de Medinilla, governor of the Mariana Islands in 1820.

Care tips

Temperature between 17 and 25 degrees, in winter a lot of light, preferably direct sunlight, summertime not full sun, the Medinilla needs little water, it is early enough to give the plant a glass of water if the leaves are slightly limp . Do not give food during flowering, the plant is supplied with satisfying food on delivery. Give food once every two weeks after the flowering period.


After flowering, it is advisable to take out the old flowers to speed up the growth. The plant will then, where first the flowers have been, make new leaves. If these have grown, it is important to set the plant a little cooler (16 to 17 ° C) to start budding in the young leaves. Mind you, the plant will still need light. If the buds are clearly visible, the plant can return to the normal temperature so that the buds can develop further into a new floral splendor. In principle, potting can be done all year round, only during flowering it is not advisable because of the fragility of the flowers.


prima bedrijf, heel goede ervaring mee al een paar jaar.
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    Prima bedrijf.
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    Uitstekende kwaliteit planten.

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