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55 cm 17 cm

Medinilla Magnifica 4 button in attractive gift wrap

This exclusive Medinilla is an asset to any living room. With proper care, you can enjoy this beautiful plant for up to 3 months. These plants are supplied in buds due to transport sensitivity
Height (incl. pot):
± 55 cm
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17 cm

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Medinilla Magnifica

maintenance Medinilla

To water

The Medinilla needs little water, it is early enough to give the plant a glass of water when the leaves are slightly limp.  


The Medinilla likes a spray job from time to time, after all, the Medinilla is originally from the tropics. A spraying is not necessarily necessary, but it does increase the humidity, which ultimately benefits the plant.


Lots of light in winter, preferably direct sunlight, but no full sun in summer . This is to prevent burning of the leaves.


Between 17 and 25 °


Do not feed during flowering, the plant is supplied with sufficient food on delivery. Feed once every two weeks after flowering. Use flowering plant food from Pokon for this

Bloom again

After flowering, it is advisable to remove the old flowers to speed up the growth. The plant will then make new leaves, where the flowers used to be. When these have grown, it is important to cool the plant down (16 to 17 ° C) to initiate budding in the young leaves. Note that the plant continues to need light. When the buds are clearly visible, the plant can return to normal temperature, allowing the buds to develop into new flowers.


In principle, repotting is possible all year round, only during flowering it is not advisable because of the fragility of the flowers.


If the Medinilla becomes too big and you do not want to repot it, you can also choose to remove the last grown shoots. Then cut the stem at the bottom with pruning shears or a sharp knife.


You can try to propagate a Medinilla yourself. You can do this by cutting off a young stem at the base. Cut the leaf to about 5 cm from the stem. By placing this stem in cutting soil and then leaving it at a temperature of 20 to 25 ° for 6 to 8 weeks, the plant will be rooted and you can place it in a pot.


The Medinilla is known for the beautiful and large flower clusters. The Medinillas are now available almost all year round. With proper care, these can bloom for 2 to 4 months.


Growth sugars are produced during the flowering period. This is expressed by a white rash on the leaf. These growth sugars are not harmful to the plant.

Mealybugs are uncommon and can be controlled by spraying mealybugs off with a fairly strong jet of water. Scale is best treated with a pesticide. This also applies to mealybugs if the water jet has no effect. Multiple treatments are then required.


The Medinilla is non-toxic.

With a medinilla magnifica at home you have a special plant.


Super !!!


    overzichtelijke website voor de keuze van de plant en bestelwijze. Snelle levering en uitstekende verpakking, zodat de plant in prima staat is ontvangen. De plant is mooi en heeft vier knoppen en na enkele dagen zien we dat de knoppen al groter geworden zijn. We gaan een prachtige tijd tegemoet wanneer de plant in bloei staat.

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