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Monstera Adansonii Variegated Aurea (VERY RARE)
Adansonii Variegated Aurea (VERY RARE)

Monstera Adansonii Variegated Aurea (VERY RARE)

Type: Monstera
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This Monstera Variegated Aurea is a very special, very rare plant. Only for sale at FloraStore and available on request!
Height (incl. pot) ± 25 cm
Pot size 15 cm

Monstera Variegated Aurea

The Monstera Variegated Aurea is a very rare plant with special discolorations in the leaves. This plant is very similar in shape to the Monstera Adansonii, but has softer leaves due to lighter leaf patterns and is a lot more sensitive and less easy to care for. This plant is therefore not for beginners!


Monstera comes from Central America and belongs to the Araceae family. This plant is also known under the Dutch name, hole plant. The plant thrives in very humid conditions: the more humid the environment, the larger the leaf. But this plant can also tolerate somewhat drier air.


Place the Monstera Variegated Aurea in a bright place, but preferably without direct sunlight.
The Monstera Variegated Aurea needs more light than the Monstera Adansonii due to its light leaf markings!
The ideal temperature is 18 - 22 °C.
This plant does not like drafts.


Keep moist, add lukewarm water once a week. The potting soil should not dry out, but also make sure that the plant is not left in a layer of water. This could cause the roots to rot.
Spray with water once or twice a week. The plant likes a higher humidity
Fertilize a little once every two weeks, in winter once every two months.

The leaves of a young plant show incisions, later holes appear in the older leaves. This will not happen if the plant is too dark. Dull leaves will shine again when wiped with a buttermilk cloth. Aerial roots formed in older plants may be cut off.

Monstera Variegeted Aurea, very rare and not easy to care for, but a very unique and beautiful houseplant.


How can I buy this Monstera Variegated Aurea online?

Contact us or order the Monstera Variegated Aurea easily online at, we will have all the details to make the process as easy as possible.

If you select the variant: "plant from the photo", you will see the photo of the plant you can expect. The light green spots on the leaves will fade over time and become whiter. 
This depends on availability and the "first come, first served" principle.

The photo with the variant: "in a growing pot" is not the photo of the Monstera you will receive. This photo is only a representative image of what this Monstera Variegated Aurea might look like with proper care, but it will never be an exact match. Like all living things, each plant is unique and different.

When you buy this rare coloured Monstera online, you are not entering into a definitive purchase contract. We will always contact you in advance and send you a photo of the plant. You can then still cancel the order.

Once you approve the plant in the photo, the purchase is final and we will work with our grower to ensure that this unique Monstera is delivered to you as quickly as possible. 



How can we be sure that the Monstera Variegated Aurea is delivered in good order?

As with all our plants, we pack the plant with the utmost care. We offer three shipping options:

Regular shipping

Regular shipping, which is how we send all our plants, is done via an external carrier, such as DHL. The shipping costs depend on the country of delivery and are indicated during the checkout process. Regular shipping is at the risk and expense of the buyer. Once the plant has left our company, we are no longer responsible for transport, delivery, damage or theft. We will insure the shipment for you and in case of damage or defects during transport we will do our best to help you, but we cannot guarantee compensation.

Specialised transport

In consultation with you, we can arrange transport by a specialised carrier. The shipping costs are determined on the basis of the delivery address and will be passed on to you. We ensure safe transport. Once the plant has been delivered to you, we are not responsible for damage or theft and we cannot offer any guarantees. We will of course discuss this with you beforehand. 

Transport or personal collection

Would you prefer not to send it? If you would like to arrange your own transport or pick up the plant, this is also possible. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out about the possibilities.


Plants are living / perishable goods and therefore cannot be returned. There is also no approval period. That is why we coordinate everything as well as possible with you in advance, so that you know for sure what you are buying. Because the plants are purchased to measure, an order that has been agreed with you and confirmed by you can no longer be cancelled or returned.

Height (incl. pot):± 25 cm
Pot size ⌀:15 cm
Article number:MMM15ZKBONT
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