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Philodendron Narrow Escape
Narrow Escape

Philodendron Narrow Escape

Type: Philodendron
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The Philodendron Narrow Escape is a nice addition to any plant collection. For example, the Philodendron is easy to care for and you can easily see this plant grow larger without having to put in too much effort. Discover this shiny plant for yourself!
Height (incl. pot) ± 35 cm
Pot size 14 cm

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The Philodendron Narrow Escape is a beautiful striking plant that is highly air-purifying . This makes it ideal for capturing and breaking down harmful substances from space. The plant has solid green leaves with white stripes and spots that are elongated and tapered. It is a climbing plant belonging to the Arum family and comes from the rainforests of South America and the Caribbean. In the forest, this tropical plant therefore mainly climbs around other trees.


The Philodendron Narrow Escape is a beautiful houseplant that thrives in partial shade. Direct sunlight should be avoided, because then the leaves will discolour and the plant will lose its ornamental value. The plant comes from the tropics, so it can also function well in a dry and fairly dark place. The chosen location must be draught-free.

Taking care of Philodendron

The Philodendron Narrow Escape is easy to care for. The plant needs little light, the ideal temperature for the plant is between 18°C and 20°C.

Humidifying Philodendron

Water the Philodendron Narrow Escape once a week. Keep the soil slightly moist , not too wet, but prevent the soil from drying out. Always water a little bit and after a while check the moisture of the soil with your finger to see if the plant needs more water. Too much water causes the leaves to turn yellow. In winter, the soil can be dry for at least a week.

Spraying Philodendron

Dust the leaves of the Philodendron Narrow Escape and prevent pests by spraying it with water every now and then. Watering improves the quality and ornamental value of the plant. Use lukewarm water when watering.

Repot Philodendron

The Philodendron Narrow Escape needs space to grow. Repotting can be done every 2 years. Visit the Florastore website and discover all kinds of unique pots for the Philodendron Narrow Escape.

Philodendron nutrition

Give the Philodendron Narrow Escape liquid food once a week during the growth period . Ensure the correct amount and method of administration. On the webshop you will find the right plant food for this plant. In winter, the plant is in a resting position and feeding is not necessary; in the fall, feeding should be done in moderation.

The Philodendron Cobra is easy to care for and does not suffer from pests. If there are any long offshoots, these can simply be cut off. Read all care tips on Philodendron plant guide

Height (incl. pot):± 35 cm
Pot size ⌀:14 cm
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