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The crème da la crème in planting area has to be the long-life orchid. They come in so many beautiful colors and types and they bloom long and exuberant.

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The orchid family is one of the largest plant families on earth (approximately 20,000 species). So much you can not buy it at Flora Store, but you will find with us have some of the most beautiful orchids. In addition, we offer a very strong bond with our breeder, very occasionally very unique and rare orchids. so check regularly tuned!

Orchids thanks to their unique shapes and colorful flowers, very decorative plants. One of the best known species of the orchid family is perhaps the Phalaenopsis. The Phalaenopsis is very successful as a houseplant because of the ease with which it can be held. Butterfly Orchid has a beautiful and long blooming. Please do not forget the Vanda, it is often used as cut flowers for corsages etc. These epiphytic orchid find you as a houseplant, often in a glass vase or hanging on a stand.


He hangs his leaf

Help! Of my orchid leaves hang limp. Do not panic! The most common cause is watering. It is better to give a sufficiently high water than to give too much water. Look first at the roots. These beautiful green, then your orchid enough water. Give no more water. You see that the roots are somewhat grayer, it means that your orchid is too dry. It is best to immerse the orchid in a bucket or sink. In winter you may use only once every 10 days. Approximately 15 minutes are so. The roots suck now full of water. Drain well. Now he is back in the pot again.


Biggest misconception is that orchids are difficult to care for. She is just so easy! With a little extra attention nearly all orchids bloom several times a year. And of course, blasting thousands of different species of orchids are not all the same care. Nevertheless, there are some general tips that most orchids are happy. With these guidelines you will go a long way. When you purchase or specific tips!

Orchids love:

  • a bright spot
  • Room temperatures of minus. 15 to max. 25 ° C
  • nutrition 1x per month

Orchids do not like:

  • wet feet
  • tour
  • full and direct sunlight
  • central heating or heater nearby

give tips on water

  • An orchid likes 1x per week for a short time
    (5-10 minutes) to be immersed with the kleit in the water.
    After dipping has to drain the water.
  • Exclusive orchids like moderate water: 1x per month.

Care by type of orchid

You know exactly what type of orchid you're looking for?
Click below on your type of orchid and learn how you will be doing.

For more information and inspiration on these and other Orchids You can take a look at .

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